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Casey D.

Casey D.

Emergency Department
New New Nurse Student
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Casey D. has 10 years experience and specializes in Emergency Department.

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  1. Casey D.

    UT Houston (Cizik School of Nursing) FNP Fall 2020

    Thank you, and good luck on your interview!
  2. Casey D.

    UT Houston (Cizik School of Nursing) FNP Fall 2020

    I had it on Thursday. It was a very nice interview. Lasted about 20 minutes. Just talk about yourself and your goals....seemed like they like when you have a plan moving forward. Got my acceptance letter 3 days later.
  3. I applied to the Fall 2020 FNP program at UTH Houston (Cizik School of Nursing) right before the application deadline, 6/15/2020. Was curious if anyone else who applied close to the deadline has heard back about interviews? I've been accepted into another Texas-based program but UTHouston is my first choice, so I'm waiting until the last second to accept the other program.

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