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Hi there! A little bit about myself is I am a current nursing student and my dream is to one day become a NICU nurse. My goal for this page is simple: help everyone. So if you are a pre-nursing student looking for some guidance or a current nursing student looking for a spot in the community, this is your place! 

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  1. So you know you want to get a nursing education. You’ve looked at several public and private schools and thought, “I don’t know what to pick!” I was in your shoes once too, but thankfully for you, I have attended both! So, I will be going through each option and you can decide for yourself what works for you! Community / Public This type is for my peeps that are looking at community college, junior college, etc. I attended a local community college for about one year to finish up some last prerequisites for nursing school. PROS 1- Low cost Many community colleges, especially in CA, will provide what is called the “governors waiver”. I pretty much got paid to attend community college. Of course the money was used toward books and I used it to pay for my nursing application (which adds up fast, trust me). This is the biggest reason why people go to community college which is understandable since college education can cost an arm and a leg. CONS 1- Time-consuming Depending on the college you might find yourself on a waitlist especially trying to get into those science courses as the nursing field is highly impacted. 2- Academic support While I do see colleges trying to provide support to their students with so many students it can be difficult to provide personalized support to each student. I found that the academic support was quite mainstream and each counselor would print the plan, highlight the courses and sent you on your merry way and because you were so nervous in the first place you forgot to ask questions. 3- Parking Okay, you may think this is not a con but when you are running late, have a strict teacher and you can’t find parking it becomes a high stress situation. I would leave an hour before class started to find parking especially the first few weeks. 4- Nursing program The education is great and cost is low; what’s the con? Not really a con, but another thing that may add stress is because of the high numbers of applications sometimes colleges will add “rules” before you apply. For example, for the one I attended you had to be completely done with all your courses before you wanted to apply also, because it was so impacted, you pretty much should only have A's to apply. Again, this is just my experience; it may be different for your local college. Private This type of college is for my peepsters that are willing to take out a loan here and there to help pay for education. I know you may be thinking, no way too expensive bye! But, some colleges will help by providing extra grants and scholarships to help cushion cost. Pros 1- Academic support By far the most amazing support I have had. I have tutors, mentors and professors all working together to tell me what I need to do to succeed! Yes, you may be thinking “well yeah, it cost an eye,” which there may be some truth to it but I have found I am getting what I paid for and some. 2- Small class sizes This really gives the opportunity to network with professors and preceptors that may just help you land that awesome job at the end of your education! Also, because they are smaller, you get the chance to ask questions without being rushed. 3- Preparation I have found that private schools really do help with the networking portion by providing opportunities because most times they have connections and partners from the community. Cons 1- Cost I am not going to lie here. It costs money. But I will say this, never turn down something because you don’t know. Look it into it, don’t be scared. You never know until you try. For me, I thought, "how am I going to pay for my current school, I should not even apply, I can’t afford it", but either way I went for a tour and came prepared with plenty of questions! At the end of the day remember this ... ... it’s your education. The only person that will fight for it and work for it is you. Just like there are plenty of good community colleges there are also bad ones and same goes for private. I would highly suggest visiting each school and come prepared with questions like: what does your academic support look like? what are your class sizes? what is your cost?, etc etc. This will help you pick the right one based on YOUR needs. I hoped this helped you or at least gave you a good starting point and may your college choice be the best! Like always, much love.
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    Help - Should I Work or Wait?

    Hi there! I am not a RN but I work at a post Acute care facility and I have noticed RNs come from agencies on an as needed basis? Maybe you can try something like that so you decide if you want to work that day or not, and in terms of the resume if you’re with the agency for sometime I think you’ll be okay? I would check with an agency hope that helps! 🙂 I think that would help in terms of if you are worried about taking time off then they can accommodate that. Best of luck to you!
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    Volunteer Links!

    As promised! Here are some great volunteer links that I used when I was applying for nursing school, volunteering is a great way to show your commitment to the field! These are pre-set to residents of SB county but can also be changed hope this helps! If you are looking for volunteering but can’t make the time commitment per week this link is for you! It has plenty of options that are one day or a few days commitment: https://www.volunteermatch.org/search?l=San Bernardino, CA, USA Now if you want to get a little more hands on and get into a hospital this link will show hospitals near you that are looking for volunteers! I did some hospital volunteering and learned so much in the process! Most hospitals do however, want a weekly commitment if this is for you click below: https://hospitalvolunteer.net/county/san_bernardino_ca Lastly! Check the nursing schools that you are interested in! Most schools have plenty of single volunteer opportunities that can connect you to teachers and students you never know, a nursing recruiter could be there! It looks amazing on applications! For any more pre-nursing or nurse related content check out my page! Like always, much love.
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    For the Pre-nursing students

    Hi all pre-nursing welcome to the beautiful and scary moment of your future career! Personally I think this is the hardest part. Not only are you trying your best to get that high GPA, you’re also doing your gen ED, TEAS prepping, work and all the other million things that come with this crazy life! So here’s some things that I found really helped me during my application process! 1. Time management - time time time! It feels like this is the hardest thing because there’s simply not enough! But believe me practice this because once you start nursing school you have less than you have now .... great right? LOL 2. Reach out to professors - believe me, eventually down the road you’ll need a letter of recommendation so reach out to professors. Visit them during office hours and ask questions! 3. Volunteer - yes, I know you have no time. BUT I highly recommend maybe looking into the school you are interested in to see if there are events you might be able to participate in. I did this for my school and mentioned it during my interview and they were very glad to hear this. It shows you can give back to the organization in the future! 4. Start the application early! - I started mine 6 months in advance. At least LOOK at it! Believe me, you do not want to find out you have a three page essay due the next day especially when your future is at play here... 5. Lastly and importantly.... Believe in yourself!! - Guys, if I told you the amount of times I was told no, my own academic counselor said I couldn’t do it (long story but if you wanna hear it let me know) but just keep pushing! All this work will pay off! Throughout the week I will be sharing links if you are from the IE or SB county, to maybe volunteer here and there and get those hours in! Also documents to help with time management and study tips that took me from Cs to As! Like always, much love.