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LBC_RN has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Mental Health.

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  1. LBC_RN

    RN to BSN program?

    Hi! I’m not sure about GPA requirements for their BSN program but I just wanted to put it out there that I recommend Grand Canyon University for their RN to BSN program. I was worried about going back to school & especially online, as I feel that I learn better in a traditional classroom setting. The program was challenging but I felt supported along the way. There are several student resources to help you with assignments & I really feel like they want to see you succeed. I also learned a lot! I’d definitely recommend them. Best of luck! 🙂
  2. LBC_RN

    California Nursing

    Hi! Just wanted to add my two cents to this discussion 🙂 First, let me say I’m originally from NYC so I know high cost of living! That’s why I left NYC, because as a single woman, paying rent on my own there would be just making it with never saving enough to buy a place of my own. So I’m not going back! I lived in Colorado For a few years & COL was great but the winters were pretty rough, so I moved to Long Beach, CA three years ago. COL is not bad here in LB. it’s cheaper than other areas like LA & Orange County. Now yes, many things are more expensive in Cali but you can also save money in other areas. For instance, I never use heat or AC here because the weather is so mild year round! That saves a lot. Also good weather year round means you can use alternative commuting ie bike riding & save on gas. I live in an area where I can walk to the supermarket, restaurants, & I barely use my car. The bus here is decent & is only $1.25 also! So I pay less in car insurance now. The weather & beaches means outdoor exercising all year, many of the parks have stationary exercise equipment. No gym membership necessary! Many ways to save $ here. Comparing Long Beach to NYC, you definitely get more for your money here! Good luck 🙂
  3. LBC_RN

    California Nursing License

    Hi! Good luck with getting your Cali RN license soon 🙂 I’ve been working in California For 3 years now but don’t have a Cali license because I work for the VA. When you work for the federal government, they just require you have a license from ANY state. Now that I plan to call Cali home permanently, I will get my license here soon, for Potential job opportunities outside the feds. Just wanted to share that benefit with you! As far as your career questions, FYI the VA has nursing home units called CLCs (community living centers) at our hospitals. The VA Long Beach where I work at also has a geriatric psych unit which may be appealing to you. Anyway, I work in mental health and I love it. Might be a fun change for you 🙂
  4. LBC_RN

    First time travel nurse to California

    Hi! I’m originally from NYC also. Queens native here 🙂 I moved to Southern California 3 years ago. I don't do travel nursing so I can’t offer any salary advice in that area, But just wanted to give you a heads up about rent. If you won’t have any roommates (a lot of people I know do because the rent in Orange County is so high), you’re looking at about $2K for a decent apartment. If you’d consider commuting from Long Beach, you’ll find cheaper rent & a more liberal crowd 🙂 best of luck!
  5. LBC_RN

    Nursing field that works mostly with veterans

    Hi! If you’d like to work in mental health & with veterans, I’d suggest applying at the VA. There are sooo many different opportunities in mental health for nurses. For instance, the VA where I work, there are two inpatient psych units (one is geriatric), a PTSD program, outpatient psychiatry, MH nurses embedded in primary care, Substance abuse including a Suboxone clinic, a day treatment program, a visiting nurse program for seriously mentally ill in the community & suicide prevention case management (the latter is what I do). I think I listed them all! Check out usajobs.gov. The VA has some great opportunities 🙂
  6. LBC_RN

    Question for Psych Nurses

    I starting out working days as a new grad on an acute forensic unit at the state hospital. It was really overwhelming & unfortunately most of the nurses were not very helpful. I asked to switch to a later shift. I worked 7 years inpatient psych & worked either 3-11p, 7p-7a or 11p-7a. Honestly, you will still learn a lot on the later shifts! 3pm shift, I still got to lead groups. At one hospital, we had admissions 24/7 so sometimes I’d have up to 3 a night. And pts on a psych unit are usually up at all hours, so anything can happen at any time! Your nights will not be boring 🙂
  7. LBC_RN

    Straight Into Mental Health Nursing?

    Hi! Yes I went right into mental health after graduating nursing school. I worked inpatient psych for 4 years & have been in outpatient MH for the last 3. While some of my clinical skills (ie IV insertion) may be rusty, I feel like I made the right decision. If you truly love mental health, I say go for it! There are sooo many specialties in mental health, so there are many opportunities for you to continue growing & learning as a nurse.
  8. LBC_RN

    California Job Opportunities?

    I work at the VA Long Beach which is about 15- 20 minutes drive from Huntington Beach. Several of my colleagues live in HB. My point is Long Beach hospitals are not too far a commute for you so you have those options as well 🙂 I can’t speak for other hospitals in the area but I know for a fact that VA Long Beach has not been laying staff off due to covid, quite the opposite. We are currently hiring nurses. Check out jobs at usajobs.gov. Anyway best of luck! 🙂
  9. LBC_RN

    Less Saturated areas of CA?

    VA Long Beach has a new grad residency program. Several of my friends completed it & are still working there and excelling 🙂 Long Beach is a big city but has a town town vibe. We have some really great, safe neighborhoods. People are friendly & I’m happy I made the move here 3 years ago. Good luck! 🙂
  10. LBC_RN

    Relocating to Cali

    Also, I got my job at VA Long Beach with an ADN. I’m not sure if requirements have changed in the last 3 years, but it’s worth a shot to look into usajobs.gov
  11. LBC_RN

    Relocating to Cali

    Hi & CONGRATS on getting your Cali RN license! 🙂 I relocated to California 3 years ago from Colorado. I’m not a huge fan of LA. It’s so expensive to live there & the traffic sucks. I would recommend Long Beach to you. LB has everything you need in a big city but with a laid back, friendly, beach town vibe. And the rents are a lot cheaper & parking is way easier too! We have several big hospitals including VA Long Beach healthcare system. Anyway, just my two cents. Best of luck in relocating & lmk if you have any questions about the area 🙂
  12. LBC_RN

    VA Long Beach

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself & connect with other nurses who work at VA Long Beach or are hoping to! 🙂 I’ve been working in mental health at VA Long Beach for 3 years. It was hard getting into the federal system but it has been worth it! The VA is a great healthcare system to work for & I definitely recommend VALB. I relocated to California 3 years ago for this job without knowing anyone in the state, so it was a difficult transition. I am thankful for a few nurses I met when I got here who helped me, not only at work, but with Long Beach in general. What areas are good/safe to live in, etc. Anyway, I’m happy I made the move here and please let me know if I can help in any way. Shoot me any questions or just say hi! I’d love to connect with other nurses in the area 🙂

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