VA Long Beach

by LBC_RN LBC_RN, BSN (New) New Nurse

Specializes in Mental Health. Has 8 years experience.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself & connect with other nurses who work at VA Long Beach or are hoping to! 🙂 I’ve been working in mental health at VA Long Beach for 3 years. It was hard getting into the federal system but it has been worth it! The VA is a great healthcare system to work for & I definitely recommend VALB. I relocated to California 3 years ago for this job without knowing anyone in the state, so it was a difficult transition. I am thankful for a few nurses I met when I got here who helped me, not only at work, but with Long Beach in general. What areas are good/safe to live in, etc. Anyway, I’m happy I made the move here and please let me know if I can help in any way. Shoot me any questions or just say hi! I’d love to connect with other nurses in the area 🙂