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    Low GPA Applicants

    Hey guys! So a little background I guess. I am 28 years old and originally started colleges (as a pre-nursing major) 10 years ago. But you know, life happens, change of major happens, marriage, happens, kids happen. Now I’m left with a ton of college mistakes and a lousy GPA. CUM GPA of a awful 2.67, which rules out some schools automatically. I returned to school determined to make nursing happen with two kids under two and much to my surprise did very well. A&P 2 I just barely missed an A and same with micro bio and two A’s in two other 3 credit prereqs. I guess I looking for a great story on how even with a lower GPA someone made it into a community college program. Or maybe even a story of how you made it happen with a private college even with the quadrupled cost. I just applied to my first program and out of seven hundred and something applicants I was number 323 on the waitlist to get in. I just feel defeated. Please tell me your stories!

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