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  1. Hi,

    I was hoping for some guidance on the TNC program. I am currently employed in the VA as an ICU nurse. I recently applied and am waiting to hear back. Anything I should do while I wait? The application has closed. When do you think I will hear back?

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    2. Sarah Schneider

      Sarah Schneider

      How long from the time you reached out to when you had an offer out of curiosity? 

    3. tt2323

      tt2323, BSN

      I don’t really remember maybe a month from when first inquiring. Where are you currently working?

    4. Sarah Schneider

      Sarah Schneider

      Got it.  I'm currently at a 10 bed ICU at the VA in Iowa City. We take care of medical and surgical Vets

      I've been at the VA since June 2017. Working since April 2018 in the ICU and have past experience in med-surg, telemetry, and critical access ED. Graduated nursing school in December of 2015


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