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Travel Nurse Corps

Hi there,

Wondering if anyone is currently traveling with the VA in the Travel Nurse Corps Program. I recently applied and am awaiting news on whether I will hear about interviewing then potentially getting an offer. In the meantime, I would love to hear from current travelers in the TNC about experiences and anything you are willing to share. Thank you in advance! I currently work for the VA in a 10 bed ICU so am familiar with the system.


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I'd be interested in hearing from current travelers as well. I'm currently employed at a VA and have considered the travel nurse corps. How long are the contracts usually? Do you keep your current pay grade/scale and they just keep you at that scale for whatever state you're in?


I have since learned more about the program so could help answer questions. I applied through the VA locum email address and have been in contact with the HR department. I also interviewed over the phone a few weeks ago so am waiting to hear back a decision. The travel nurses work off of their own pay scale. It's based out of Phoenix so what I was told is if you work West or East Coast you will likely see the same wages or even a reduction in wages, but for the Midwest, you will likely see a pay increase. The contracts are usually 13 weeks, but can be extended based on facility needs or can be cut short as well. Since travel nurses are considered intermittent employees there is never any guarantee of getting assignments. With an intermittent position, no AL or SL is accrued. They will pay out your AL in a lump sum (will lose a lot with taxes) and SL is kept and should you return to a permanent position, restored. As in intermittent employee, you cannot work more than 1820 hours a year. It is about 10 months at 40hrs/week. In order to receive health benefits 3 contracts/year is required. No benefits that goes down to 2 contracts. If you are not working you will not get paid, but will keep benefits that you pay out of pocket for. There are more rules to the length of time off and the continuation of benefits that I am not 100% certain about so I'd definitely inquire if you are still interested. I cannot speak to number of openings at this time, but it sounds like you can apply at any time and as openings become available in your speciality they would contact you. Hope this helps some. Let me know if you want anymore information. 




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Thanks for the info.


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