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    DELAYS processing CA BON application

    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone else was in a similar situation as me and could offer some insight or reassurance about my situation. I understand that COVID is causing applications for licensure to the California Board of Nursing to be backed-up, but I am getting anxiety waiting for my ATT. I really want to test soon, and I've been waiting SO long since graduation. Not sure what to do now except to continue studying everyday hoping my application is going to be approved soon. Here is the timeline: Graduated: March 7 Submitted application for licensure: March 20 Application reviewed 7 weeks later, but was missing pre-req transcripts I immediately sent in electronic pre-req transcripts May 11, but transcripts were (FINALLY) attached to the application June 15 According to the BON, from the attachment of the transcripts it would take another 2-4 weeks to review/process my application (AGAIN) Total time since application submission: 14 weeks with no changes on BreEZe regarding application status/no ATT in sight Anyone going through something similar? 😣