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RNCaliK has 8 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Hi everyone! I have been in the California CABRNP program since June 2020 for a DUI. I am coming up on my one year mark of the program and have had no issues or violations. According to my contract, at one year I can petition to have the alcohol and urine testing removed. Does anyone on here have experience with this and if so what were your steps used to apply for the petition? Was it approved? Etc. All feedback is welcome. Thank you!
  2. RNCaliK

    License Suspension

    Absolutely apply for disability. Do not feel guilty about that. It’s there for that reason. You can take that time to mentally heal and be able to work on the things to get your nursing license back. Half the nurses in my nurse support group are on disability. We all make mistakes but it’s what we do after which makes the difference. You are not a bad person you just made a bad choice. It will get better. I got a dui in 2018 and thought I would lose everything. The first 3 months after the dui were the worst in my life thinking of all the what if’s. The fear of the unknown is what mentally exhausts us. Try your best to not try and fill in the blanks of what lies in the future and focus on what you can control day to day.
  3. RNCaliK

    CA Testing Frequency

    My probation for a dui started on 6/26/20. In the 45 days since I started I have had 6 urine tests and 1 blood test. This week alone I had 4 tests! Is this a normal amount everyone else has had? That is over $800 in one month spent on this. Not to mention, observed tests for a female Are near impossible to do when you work 7am-730pm. I have had to leave work 3 times in the last week to do these tests, losing even more money and putting my work relatability an issue.
  4. RNCaliK

    Funny not Funny

    Oh my gosh your post made me laugh and feel relieved! Congratulations on having the finish line insight. It is so helpful to hear from people who have actually been through the testing and not just the internet scare tactics out there.
  5. RNCaliK

    Funny not Funny

    It has been the most stressful part of the probation so far Is the testing and worrying about false positives. I am a month and a half in and have had 4 urines and 1 blood test. When you Google what can cause false positives it can make you extremely paranoid to eat, drink or inhale things. I really appreciate this post and would like more info on what is really an issue to avoid and not just the scary stuff the internet provides. Energy drinks, soy sauce, hair spray, B Vitamins, hand sanitizer etc...
  6. RNCaliK

    Unencumbered license

    Here in California it stays on your “record” for 10 years post dismissal from probation or diversion program. After 10 years you can apply to have it removed.