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CA Testing Frequency

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My probation for a dui started on 6/26/20. In the 45 days since I started I have had 6 urine tests and 1 blood test. This week alone I had 4 tests! Is this a normal amount everyone else has had? That is over $800 in one month spent on this. Not to mention, observed tests for a female Are near impossible to do when you work 7am-730pm. I have had to leave work 3 times in the last week to do these tests, losing even more money and putting my work relatability an issue.

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I'm not in California, but have never been tested more than twice in a week. This each time was the same week as peth test.

That sounds excessive. Maybe it will calm down once you have been back to work for a couple of weeks. I am in VA, but they will often ramp up testing around holidays, vacations, significant events. Even still, I have never had more than 2 tests a week/more than 4 a month. I average around 175 dollars a month in tests.

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When I contacted my BRN monitor to inquire why was I tested 7 times in 30 days his reply was “It’s random”. Even if it is random, making us pay $800 is ridiculously excessive and down right legal criminal theft on their part. We all know this is really about $$$, but it would be nice if they could be realistic with their thievery. Also part of their restrictions is not to allow us to work overtime to help off set these costs.
I am fully in the know that I did wrong by getting a dui and punishment must be given but $800 in one month on just testing alone is Excessive.
They test me before they even know the result on a previous test given 2 days before.


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