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  1. Pass NCLEX since 7/29 but license hasn’t posted

    Fingerprinting in MN is new (ofc not in CA) so all that needed to clear before license would post online. Last yr, some friends and fam I know that took NCLEX in MN had their license posted shortly after they passed.
  2. Pass NCLEX since 7/29 but license hasn’t posted

    My license posted already. Took almost a whole month to. I took it as MN boards because endorsing it would take a long time (heard it can take 3months or so…) but wanted to get the exam out of the way first. Also wasn’t sure if my credentials will me...
  3. So I passed NCLEX almost a month ago but my license still hasn’t posted. I live in CA but took it as Minnesota board so it’s a MN license. Is it normal to be this long? I know that they recently just added the fingerprinting background check but back...
  4. PASSED NCLEX after 5th time!

    Hello! I wanted to share some positive insights for those who been having trouble passing NCLEX. I never thought I’d be sitting here today writing this! I took my boards this past Saturday. I did the PVT trick and to my surprise, got the good pop up!...
  5. FAILED the NCLEX 3x! HOW to pass?!

    Thank you everyone! I won’t give up and will have to just keep finding different ways to study. Appreciate all the advices.
  6. FAILED the NCLEX 3x! HOW to pass?!

    I believe it’s more content material I need to focus more on. I was thinking of using NCSBN as I heard they wrote the NCLEX. Is that the same thing?
  7. FAILED the NCLEX 3x! HOW to pass?!

    HELP. ? I have failed the NCLEX 3x now and it’s DEVASTATING every time I failed. I need insights and positive feedback on those who have failed several times too who can tell me what you guys used to pass. Couple things about me, I’ve been out of s...