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  1. htxnanna

    ADN Salary Houston

    Thanks gal! I reviewed that and other Google searches, but was unsure what the difference was between ADN vs. BSN.
  2. htxnanna

    ADN Salary Houston

    Working on co-req's for my ADN. I wouldn't mind getting my BSN first, but unsure if I'll be able to hold off on work for that long. Current plan is to start working w/ my ADN and have my employer contribute to my BSN. I've worked in healthcare as an insurance coordinator, contracting, credentialing, receptionist, medical records, scribe, and a surgical coordinator. Will having some kind of experience in the field help when applying for my 1st job as a nurse? Anyone know the salary range for an ADN in Houston, TX or surrounding areas? TIA!
  3. Hello! I'm 35 y/o and recently decided to obtain a nursing degree. I'm currently attending Lone Star College Cy-Fair and am concerned about getting accepted into the program. Currently studying for the HESI, but I have A's in ENGL, A&P, and PSYC. The program is so competitive even people with good grades don't make it in on the first try. Frankly, I need to start ASAP and don't want to put all of my eggs into one basket in case this happens to me too. Anyone know of good ADN programs or 18mo. BSN programs in the Houston area? Any schools to avoid? Any insight on the Lone Star ADN programs? Which locations are best? How do you like the block/integrated curriculum?

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