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ADN Salary Houston

htxnanna htxnanna (New) New Pre-Student

Working on co-req's for my ADN. I wouldn't mind getting my BSN first, but unsure if I'll be able to hold off on work for that long. Current plan is to start working w/ my ADN and have my employer contribute to my BSN. I've worked in healthcare as an insurance coordinator, contracting, credentialing, receptionist, medical records, scribe, and a surgical coordinator. Will having some kind of experience in the field help when applying for my 1st job as a nurse? Anyone know the salary range for an ADN in Houston, TX or surrounding areas? TIA!

Check on GlassDoor.  I worked in Houston for 6 months in 2013 and I was very pleased with the salary, but I have a BSN and had 30 years experience at that point.  

Thanks gal! I reviewed that and other Google searches, but was unsure what the difference was between ADN vs. BSN. 


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