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  1. CSULA Fall 2021

    Nursing Applications are only open for Fall at CSULA. If you want to apply for Spring, you can apply to any other majors though for CSULA.
  2. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    Has anyone not heard back yet?
  3. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    Congratulations! May I ask what were your stats? ?
  4. Chico State BSN Fall 2021

    I just heard back. I'm an alternate. However, I've committed to another CSU's BSN Program. ? Good luck to those on the waitlist and best wishes to those accepted!
  5. Long Beach City College (LBCC) ADN Fall 2021

    Oh my gosh Boba! I’m so happy for you!! Everything worked out for the better ?
  6. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

  7. University of San Francisco BSN Fall 2021

    I admire the school. However, I got into a public BSN program that’s cheaper and closer to me. Good luck!
  8. University of San Francisco BSN Fall 2021

    I've decided to not take the spot for Fall 2021. I hope that opened up a spot for someone! Best of luck everyone! ❤️
  9. Chico State BSN Fall 2021

    I got the update email! Results come out 5/21.
  10. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    That’s so early! I thought stuff comes out in June! I didn’t get anything yet. I’ll check my spam.
  11. College of the Canyons (COC) ADN Fall 2021

    I have officially declined my spot. I wish everyone on the waitlist the best! Good luck ?

    thank you everyone! I was so worried about the entire application. when I fill out my forms, ill keep in mind to make a well-rounded application. how many years of experience did you all have before applying to the program? I was planning to get 1.5-...

    Hey everyone, I hope this forum is still active. For the APRN program, I was wondering, when they choose students, does anyone know the average GPA of those who were accepted? I know they look at statement of purpose, personal statements, and rec let...
  14. College of the Canyons (COC) ADN Fall 2021

    Hi everyone! I got in ?. However, after some thinking, since I got into my second choice BSN program, I've decided to commit to them. I'll be declining my spot for anyone on the waitlist. Congrats to those who made it in. I'm wishing you all the best...
  15. College of the Canyons (COC) ADN Fall 2021

    Hello all, I called the department and they said the results will be released today in the late afternoon. Hope this helps!