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  1. Jennifer Francis-Merino

    cpnre 2020

    Nothing yet ?still waiting and I wrote on June 26.
  2. Heeey @Linzipinzi 

    I was wondering how your coaching with Stjudenurse worked out and if you succesfully passed your cpnre on your third try? If you want to contact me via e-mail it's Please contact me as I recently took my test for the 2nd time and I'm soo anxious now. 

    Thank you

    1. linzipinzi


      Hello Jennifer! I sent you an email, did you receive it? I met with Asha a few times and she was tutoring me and then coronavirus happened and so is distancing...we plan to resume in September:) she is really great btw! 

  3. Jennifer Francis-Merino

    cpnre 2020

    The waiting is killing me! I’m sure everyone is patiently waiting their best for their results. I love it how the States have an option for quick results 2 hrs after their exam ? why couldn’t we have this advantage!? has anyone tried re-scheduling f...
  4. Hello Elli, would you be able to email me at I had a few questions

  5. Jennifer Francis-Merino

    cpnre 2020

    Hey everyone. Im taking my cpnre on the 26. T- 3 days yikes ? haha. I did the predictor test and it said I got 62%, but when I did the tests for Prep guide editions 3-5, I'm between 78-83%. That predictor test really crushes your hopes of passing. I ...