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Nurse Mayra has 3 years experience as a ADN.

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  1. Nurse Mayra

    Help with inventory

    Hi everyone! I’ll be starting as a High School Nurse this fall and was asked to go in to check inventory and see if anything needs to be ordered. This is gonna be my first year as a school nurse so I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be needing. Any tips?
  2. Nurse Mayra

    New H.S. Nurse

    Hi! I just recently landed the position of a high school nurse with about 600 students, scheduled to start in the fall. I’ve been a nurse for 3 years in the hospital setting (MedSurg/OR). I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty nervous. I’ve been told it’s a different world compared to what I’m used to. Any advice? What’s a day as a high school nurse even look like? TIA

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