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  1. Are leaders ultimately responsible for the messages they are sending to the public about coronavirus? How do we ethically and legally balance public health with civil liberties? Does this need to be politicized? Are you a Democrat or Republican, far right or far left, black, white, or Chinese? COVID is a great equalizer. Florida, Arizona and other states have high percentages of new infections; with all the news and information gathered so far, why now? What roles do governments or people in leadership play in communicating facts not opinions? Do they have any control? Or, common sense is not common anymore amongst the public. Are people just fed up and want to live their life pre-COVID-19 era? Are the young people’s minds polluted by conspiracy theories so ubiquitous on the internet? Is it sink or swim? Or get COVID-19 at your own risk; life has to go on!? Introduction As some of you have mentioned, there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the coronavirus. Since December, we have learned a lot from China, and in March, we have experienced our fair share of illnesses, death and total shutdown around the world. Now that we know more, why are some states experiencing an upsurge of new infections? Is wearing a mask an infringement of human rights? Informed and trusted communication Physical distancing regulations must go hand in hand with informed and transparent public communication strategies (Lawrence, Gostin & Center, 2020). A trusted source of information that is consistent must inform the public about known risks, unknown risks, and what steps are being taken I.e., Dr. Fauci. Quarantine, isolation, and measures that entail stringent restrictions on freedom of movement, can cause massive economic and social disruption (Lawrence, Gostin & Center, 2020). Measures for quarantine, isolation result in enormous legal, ethical, and logistical challenges and should be used as a last resort and be enforced to save lives (Lawrence, Gostin & Center, 2020). As of the 6th of July, many states are shutting down bars, beaches, and other places that people were congregating. Dr. Fauci had mentioned that many states are re-opening too early and spikes in new infection rates support his arguments. Are governors to blame for not following the statistics and ignoring recommendations from epidemiologists? Physicians, nurses and numerous healthcare providers in affected states have testified that coronavirus is real, and long term effects not known. Conclusion Please mind, this is not about elections or campaigning, it is something to ponder, why is it so hard to wear a mask and social distance? If a person does not like a mask, they definitely will not like the vent. Mask on or Casket it? What's your take on the spike in infections in other states? References Lawrence, O., Gostin, J. D., & Center, L. (2020). US Emergency Legal Responses to Novel Coronavirus Balancing Public Health and Civil Liberties. JAMA , February 13, 2020, doi:10.1001/jama.2020.2025
  2. simba and mufasa

    Nurses and narcotics

    Please be on the look out, it smells fishy. Have your eyes and ears open. Take pictures of deliveries and discontinued meds if possible and keep on your phone. Your instincts are right, if it quacks like a duck, its a duck. You work with someone who has issues and is diverting meds. You do not have to be a nurse for long to figure this out. Collect evidence and let her dig her own grave but protect your license, keep your keys, dot your I and cross your t. You are in danger! Dr Madenya
  3. Its a bad idea, Many NP schools require certain number of years as a nurse. Take your time, you need experience at the bedside for some of the assignments. Do not set yourself up for failure. Colleges are there to make money, so keep your interests in place but proceed with caution! Dr Madenya
  4. simba and mufasa

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    Crowding, Boarding, and Patient Throughput ER is a catchment area, get patient, stabilize and move them out. An ER is not a holding area, and nurses do not have time to take care of the patient as done on MedSerg/ICU or any other area. Throughput is the name of the game. Working as an ER nurse has opened my eyes literally and figuratively. The constant push of report by nurses on the receiving units can be detrimental to the patient. An emergency department (ER) is “crowded” when the need for services exceeds the department’s available resources for timely patient care. I understand that nurses on the receiving floors are frustrated. Crowding causes a variety of deleterious patient care and outcomes, including increased patient mortality, increased rates of medical errors, increased numbers of delayed or missed orders, increased total length of stay, decreased door-to-imaging times for stroke patients, poorer outcomes increasing ambulance diversion (I.e., when an ED closes to ambulance traffic) and patient offload time (I.e., the time that EMTs and paramedics spend waiting for an ED bed to open so that they can return to services. Have been there done that. I have been on the receiving end and have sabotaged a transfer at times but the caseload on the units is real, its a slippery slope, profits before safety and a hostage situation for nurses where they are left bickering at each other instead of administration that directs everything with a remote control. Form a nurse practice council so self governance and autonomy. And yes, have called the floor for report without fully knowing the patient. if the patient is septic, who cares about the skin, as an ER nurse, the concern is to stabilize and ship them to the unit. and then the full assessment can be done. Dr Madenya
  5. simba and mufasa

    Shift Work Disorder is Eating My Brain

    Rotating shifts is a bad idea. Your body's circadian rhythm is constantly messed up, maybe, its time to change or stick to one shift. This is not natural, your body is your temple, protect it, do whats best for you, not your manager, you have a long way to go. Good Luck Dr Madenya
  6. simba and mufasa

    Is this anxiety or should I quit nursing?

    Hi I agree with nurse Beth. You suffer from depression and anxiety and need the right treatment. These two factors are preventing you to become the best you can be. Once you take care of these, the best is to come, hang on and be evaluated by the right people. Dr Madenya
  7. We can experience the best if people around us receive the best experience not exploitation by a few: "Skin color and culture are meaningless anthropological artifacts continually pushed by those who wish to perpetuate the madness of differentiating humans based on exterior actions and appearance instead of appreciating both the commonality and diversity of our genetic makeup ". "In addition to the South African study, similar and related studies are about to start in Brazil. An even larger study of the same vaccine of up to 30,000 participants is planned in the USA". "It’s not Tuskegee again. You need to rethink that. You need to be able to accurately prove that is happening again" We are living in a time when we are divided, with selfishness, seeing each other as competitors, refuting and questioning life experiences of blacks that have been documented since the beginning of time. I am going to rephrase my feelings as I have seen and have experienced in my lifetime and no-one can tell me how I feel as a black person . Another Tuskegee, yes, in my life, not yours that is how I visualize and see the injustices. I do not have to prove a point to anyone, history speaks for itself, maybe some people might take the time to educate themselves on the human trials done on blacks here in America and abroad. If skin color and culture are meaningless, then why the brutality and other racism acts including human trials being perpetuated. The ranting and refuting is the core of bigotry. That is the divide,just because you never experienced it so all you would like me to prove a point, pressure bursts pipes. My life experience gives validity and credibility to my point. Take a time to digest The whole point of this is: "It does seem a touch unethical doesn’t it; even with informed consent you are exploiting someone’s vulnerability for lucre in the name of the greater good" "I don't think it's ethical at all to test vaccines on African people, or any poor people on this planet. This is wrong." Thank you Dr Madenya
  8. simba and mufasa

    Doctor Denies Giving Lortab Order, Nurse Facing Discipline

    I am so sorry you are going through this. You need to protect your license because you worked hard for it. Like Nurse Beth said, is this the protocol or its surgeons too lazy to do their so the nurses risk their licence instead of dealing with him/her. Just because he is not friendly is not licence to do things beyond your scope of duty. Call and get clarifications, even if it takes longer or not so pleasant surgeon. Nurse Beth said it all, very comprehensive answer. Your account of events is not so clear and very ambiguous. Good Luck? Dr Madenya
  9. Hi Everyone Due to time constraints, I will not be able to respond individually. The point of this article is to highlight that NIH guidelines are not utilized in these countries. Even if they are, most of them are not transparent and people end up in trials not knowing what they are being subjected to. Of course there are trials here in America and abroad, what about New York or Jersey which had the highest COVID numbers? Good for the English and other countries if given enough informed consent and agreement to participate. Yes, the dialogue is to highlight what has been happening for decades and yes, it comes down to dividing black and white and it is real. There is a saying " walk a mile in someone else’s shoes". That is why racism and bigotry is still strife, those who do not experience any of the situations black people are talking about will try to talk down, trample, force one to choose words according to what they want to hear, suppressing the voices of many. I do not have to prove a point to any one, history and other occasions have been documented. The fact is that there is violation of human rights and exploitation of people in African countries and that needs change as well. If research or trials are done, it should be fair and people should be compensated accordingly. Thank you for participating and sharing your different opinions, that is why this is such a great county. Dr Madenya
  10. The death of George Floyd has unveiled many atrocities done to harm black people all over the world. We have seen all races united to give us a voice. During COVID-19, poverty, health disparities and comorbidities such as HTN and diabetes have claimed the lives of black people more than other races. Black people have been hit by a double edged sword, everywhere they turn, they are being exploited, killed or harmed and pharmaceuticals are guilty as well, they see black poor people, they see gold, they test medications, vaccines and perform medical trials, yet black people do not reap what these companies harvest: they do not enjoy the proceeds, yet remain poor, die from harm or plain simple, contribute without enough compensation Amid all the riots and chaos in the world, I was watching the evening news where I saw some black South Africans sitting on a bench waiting for their turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine. My heart sank; I was so helpless, I sobbed. I called my daughter, who will be taking step one exam to complete her medical degree and become a physician to watch with me. This has been a hot topic in my household, and it should be time for change. My daughter has been involved in research and has evidenced the unfair treatment of blacks. I was outraged; I could not finish my dinner. Africans Used for Testing COVOD-19 Vaccines We witnessed the French doctors on television, not knowing that they were being taped discussing their plan to test the COVID-19 vaccine in Africans (Kossoff, 2020). Numerous relatives from South Africa and Zimbabwe have been calling us seeking advice about the vaccine trials, and we told them to absolutely not to take it. There goes another Tuskegee again. How long can black people suffer, not only racism, health disparities, but they are subject to many medical trials and vaccines that can harm them. No one knows the long term effects of the vaccine. Two French doctors discussed on live television how a new COVID-19 vaccine under development should be first tested in Africa, "where there are no masks, no treatment, nor intensive care." (Kossoff, 2020) One of them, Jean-Paul Mira, even compared Africans to prostitutes who were the focus of past AIDS studies. "We tried things on prostitutes because they are highly exposed and do not protect themselves," he said (Kossoff, 2020) Growing up in Zimbabwe, Africa, I have witnessed many trials of medications and vaccines for HIV, oral contraceptives, to name a few. Many African countries are breeding grounds for big western pharmaceuticals, yet in the long run do not benefit from the proceeds. Many of the research participants do not consent and are not even aware of what is being given due to health illiteracy, which is a human right violation. I have living relatives that have suffered the effects of such trials. I have an aunt who was given an oral contraceptive that turned out to be fatal. We only found out 10 years later when she was trying to have children. Another relative was given trials of polio vaccine which also resulted in harm. Women’s reproductive health is being violated, the old, poor and frail succumb to these big companies, even children are not exempt. African leaders are poor and greedy, they are so selfish that they sacrifice their people in exchange of cuff links, and a packet of sugar, what a disgrace! Violation of Human Rights Apartheid in South Africa and colonizers of African countries were characterized by systematic violation of human rights of the Black population (Barsdorf & Wassenaar, 2005). Succeeding ruling institutions perpetuated and enforced such violations (Barsdorf & Wassenaar, 2005). Consequently, Black South Africans may be apprehensive of scientific research in which the Black population are targeted as participants, regardless of the reason for them being selected. In America, Blacks are targeted as well due to poverty and low health literacy levels. Increasingly, people worry that undue inducements for research participants in developing countries compromise the voluntariness necessary for informed consent (Emanuel, Currie, & Herman, 2005). In general, these research participants are poor, poorly educated, with access to few health-care services. They are often powerless, especially compared with pharmaceutical companies and researchers from developed countries. What makes Africa Vulnerable What makes individuals, groups, or even entire countries vulnerable? And why is vulnerability a concern in bioethics? A simple answer to both questions is that vulnerable individuals and groups are subject to exploitation, and exploitation is morally wrong. Vulnerable individuals can be harmed. African governments have to protect their people by raising awareness of exploitation and efforts to enhance the ability to protect their citizens from exploitation at the hands of powerful sponsors of research and not be enticed by expensive gifts. Conclusion James Marion Sims performed gynecological exams on enslaved black women and their children because he thought black women were less intelligent than their white counterparts (Sartin, 2004). The Tuskegee's black men were infected with syphilis without their knowledge (Reverby, 2012). Some people might say, why are you bringing this up, it was done long ago. But my point is to show that there is trend since slavery in using poor black people for research, many people were harmed, in case of good results, not compensated accordingly. There is a trend of exploitation, and it is still taking place in America and poor African countries in 2020. Now that we can discuss racism, bigotry, oppression lets involve pharmaceutical companies. As nurses, we cannot participate in such activities, and it is our duty to educate and inform people in vulnerable populations about informed consent and participation in human trials. I am glad I can write about this and enlighten everyone without fear of retribution or being told by white people that racism is not real and it is an imaginary situation in black man/woman’s head. It's real, people, I am black and beautiful and a proud African . When pharmaceuticals see poor black people, they see gold, free guinea pigs for research! #Black Lives Matter - around the world. Stop medical exploitation on blacks!
  11. simba and mufasa

    Do Black Nurses Have a Different Experience?

    Its so sad that we are judged by the color of our skin but not the skills we have. Next time, put those people in their places, call them out and let them know you are aware of their bias. Keep strong, we have to start fighting for us, what about the nursing students themselves, do you have an issues? I was the only black student in my class, and when it came to group activities, I was the last to be selected yet I worked harder and put things in place most of the time to prove myself. This is only only the beginning, be prepared for the ride. You are lucky to be part of this forum, you should be able to hear other nurses stories and thus prepare and protect yourself. Good luck in your studies Dr Munya
  12. simba and mufasa

    Nurses Inspiring Hope During Hard Times: 3 Helps to Share

    I have managed to avoid toxic people in this pandemic. I just stopped calling them. My go to is that I am an avid runner, I run for hours in the beautiful countryside between a range of mountain and a river. I meditate, this environment is so peaceful and quiet, it feels like I am taking to God. Running makes me decompress, sweating makes me get rid of the toxins from my body. Writing on this platform makes me empty my head by sharing my stories. Yes, it is true, we need self-care so that we are rejuvenated and be able to take care of our patients. We can pray with our patients, there is nothing wrong with that. Nurses spent 60% of the time with patients than any other health-care provider. We should be the pillars of strength during sickness or death for our patients. Thank you for sharing! Dr Madenya
  13. I totally agree with you, train nurses instead of hiring travel nurses and paying them 3 times more than your regular staff. If nurses keep up their skills in the critical care area, it is a win win for the patients, hospital and job security for nurses. I hope the pandemic has taught us a learn, be prepared ! Tx Dr Madenya
  14. simba and mufasa

    What Just Happened?!

    I will definitely make time, and would message you on how to get started in writing a book, tx. Dr Madenya
  15. Hi Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Be patient, you chose the right profession. You are eventually going to get a job once things get settled. Once you get a job, make sure you have at least one year of Med-Surg under your belt, once you are comfortable, then it is easier to move around. Hang in there, better days are coming. Pray and declare for what you wish for, you got this!
  16. Tx for reading my article. So my hospital has started cross-training other departments according to their background. Some are trained as new grads in the ICU so that they are competent and ready to work in an ICU as needed. It is better to be trained now than being taken advantage of, knowledge is power, protect your licence. I saw the stress in nurses who were taken out of their comfort zone, but make sure you are ready for whatever is coming. Tx Dr Madenya

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