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  1. Daniel Timmons

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    Quick update! I sat the NCLEX in December 2020 for NYS, I failed but answered the full 140 questions (Covid limit to reduce time spent in exam room) so it suggested that I was just on the border of pass/fail. The questions weren't hard so much as ambiguous - I always felt that there were two "Correctish" answers, which I suppose is the joy of multiple choice. Frustrating and disappointing as I thought I could start the new year working back on the wards - but I'll pull my socks up and try again. I have already received my second ATT and can sit the exam after valentines day. So, I believe usually after 2-3 months CGFNS will send "whatever they have" to NYS for the CVS. I would check with CGFNS to see that they received all the correct documents and that they were able to verify it before they sent the documents to NYS. Also, I would confirm that the details were all correct. I didn't have to send anything directly in to NYS apart from the educational requirements on mandatory reporting etc. If NYSED is asking for something, I guess I would just give that to them! Haha, even if its out of the ordinary. If it helps move your application along just get right on it. I know its frustrating - but the whole process is so time consuming and annoying that its often better to just get on with it rather than dragging your feet! Good luck!
  2. Daniel Timmons

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    My CGFNS had that issue as well. You need to print out the application form, sign it in front of a notary (usps etc) and then scan it in and upload it for them. After I did that they said it could take months before that document is verified - I was very sad about this. But then a week later my CVS report was sent to NY state anyway - its been over a month and it still says waiting for documentation but I know my report has already been submitted to nysed.... ^_^ You can always call CGFNS and check with them - but as long as you have submitted it it shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Daniel Timmons

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if you need to send in verification of nursing licenses directly to NYSED? I hold Australian and New Zealand Licenses and forwarded those to CGFNS a long time ago; it just dawned on me that I may also need to give this information to NYSED or will it just be included in the CES report and thats all you need to do? It does seem a little silly to aubmit it twice!! Thanks! 😉
  4. Daniel Timmons

    Ces to cvs

    Any documents you have submitted should convert over. Even if you have to pay full fee again. I don't think they do refunds (you're going to have to call them to check) so you might end up with both a CVS and a CES. But you only have to submit your transcripts and everything once, not twice.
  5. Daniel Timmons

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    I used this site: https://www.accesscontinuingeducation.com/index.cfm Because it clearly stated that you can download your certificate immediately once completed. It is listed on the huge list of approved providers to complete these training courses - There were cheaper options by a few dollars but I liked that it had immediate grading and download of the certificate so I could submit straight away. Also its just something like 20 Multiple choice questions at the end of some reading material, which is nice. Here is where you can find the lists: http://www.op.nysed.gov/training/
  6. Daniel Timmons

    Australian RN wants to be registered in New York board

    Hi Serena. My understanding is that the NY board of Nursing does not require the same level of education checks as other Nursing Boards. They require a CVS (Credentials Validation Service) Report and not a CES (Credentials Evaluation Service) Report. It is very difficult to determine the specific criteria for these Reports as they are held very close to their chest as a trade secret. I have read that people on this forum have successfully applied for NY and gained registration despite the Infant/paed/maternal defecits they have in other states due to the difference between these Credential Reports - However without a successful CES there will be some states in the USA that will not recognize your education for registration in their state. Likely you would be able to apply and successfully register as a nurse in NY now and your midwifery course will give you the convenience of completing a CES at a later date if you wish to register in a different state. Although due to the secretive nature of these evaluation companies it is difficult to say with any confidence - The only thing you can really do is to start your application and see how far you get! Keep in mind it took 11 months for CGFNS to successfully collect all of my documents. I was also educated at Flinders (No pediatric placement however) and am about to start my application for New York State registration today. I have unsuccessfully attempted to register in Texas due to my lack of Infant/Paed/Maternal Nursing. I will let you know how my application progresses seeing as we both studied at the same University 🙂
  7. Hi Chicarol! Just wanting to ask you a few questions about your AUS RN -> NYC RN -> Texas RN pathway.

    My email is djtimmons88@gmail.com if you would prefer to send messages privately? I cannot see your email on here to message you directly.

    I understand your CES report came out deficient in OBS/Peads, mine also came out deficient in psych apparently. When you paid for the CVS report how long did it take them to process the application? Did you need to resubmit any documents or did they simply transfer over for the CVS?
    I'm a little anxious about starting the process over again and paying all that money in these trying times.

    Did the fact that you had already submitted a CES report to the Texas BON raise any flags for them when you applied for endorsement?

    Thanks for your time Friend! 🙂

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    2. Daniel Timmons

      Daniel Timmons

      Thanks so much, I will start my application process today!
      Fingers crossed!

    3. Montelukast

      Montelukast, BSN

      How long did it take for you to receive your temp license after filing for endorsement?

    4. Daniel Timmons

      Daniel Timmons

      I haven't put in an application for a temporary license sorry! My Aim is texas registration as I currently reside here so I have no need for a temporary licensure. Perhaps someone else could help you?!

  8. Daniel Timmons

    Australian nurse wanting to work in America

    Woah! I checked this forum post two years ago before I started my journey to RN in the USA. It felt like everyone had the same questions and no answers - so I did what I could and started my applications and pushed forward without a clear path to registration. Fingers crossed that It wouldn't be too time consuming / expensive. I am so happy to see that there are some clear cut answers for people now! Thankyou Chicarol for your amazing advice RE: NY registration. I may be emailing you soon with some questions. I have been Nursing in AUS and NZ for about 10 years - Completed my degree at Flinders University in South Australia. I Married a UScitizen and have since moved to Austin Texas and have had my greencard here for two years (Working in a coffee shop in the meantime, $12 an hour yay - the American dream people). I applied for the Texas Board of Nursing and made my CGFNS Application 12 months ago and only just now received my CGFNS CES report stating that I was deficient in Maternal/Infant, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing and Nursing care of Children. See image attached. FYI - If you are even considering becoming registered in the USA submit that application for the CGFNS CES report yesterday - it is a pain in the arse, it takes forever, their communication is appalling and If I didn't already invest so much time and money into using them I would never, ever use them again if I could help it. My TX BON application has expired as of this week (The same week my report was issued....) so I have sent them an email asking how I should proceed.... When I look at nursing courses at colleges here (Austin community college in particular) it is clear that the deficiencies in my nursing degree are the equivalent of the third semester of study here in Texas (See other attached Image) Before I read this post I would assume that my best course of action would be to contact the College and ask to do ONLY that semester of courses and practicals and this would give me educational equivalency. I have no idea if this is something that they will do or not and have not yet contacted the college as I am awaiting clarification from the Board of Nursing. Now I am thinking that my fastest track should be to apply to the NY BON with my current CES report forwarded to them - Hopefully they accept it without further education, sit the NCLEX with them instead, become registered there and then apply for registration via endorsement rather than examination for the Texas Board of Nursing. Phew. What a last couple of years it has been...