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  1. Who is a forensic nurse

    WOW!. That sounds intense, but super interesting. what is a typical day like for your field? What type of work do you do for these patients? I looked up SANEs and it looked like abuse cases one for adults and one specializing in children. what other ...
  2. What are "stress less" types of nursing jobs?

    Ya I plan on maybe having a bedside per diem job to keep my skills intact in case I would want to go back to bedside... I just want to dip my toes in something else to see if I like it better for the moment. I thought of CM and it does seem very stre...
  3. What are "stress less" types of nursing jobs?

    Ya I was going to go for NP, but decided perhaps I’m going to skip because I don’t think I have the energy anymore ?. I thought maybe doing education and teaching future nurses would be more fun. And just wanted to look for some other options as well...
  4. Who is a forensic nurse

    Hello, I am curious about the field. C little confused about how to get there. Do I need experience to get the MSN or cert? What kind of jobs are there exactly? Someone told me if I like crime scene shows, it's like that. But this person is an ER ...
  5. I am currently in California, but planning on moving to WA at some point. So any info from any state is appreciated. I don't thing I can do bedside anymore. Monitoring and managing a lot of patients at once has started to become so stressful. Many...
  6. Hello, I am in a nurse in California. MedSurg for two years and nine months, then switched to ED in April. I also work Per Diem in the PACU of on outpatient surgery center for a year (not many shifts at this time d/t COVID though!) I have been exha...