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How many patients does one nurse get in the hospital setting? How are other types of nursing in Washington?



I am in a nurse in California. MedSurg for two years and nine months, then switched to ED in April. I also work Per Diem in the PACU of on outpatient surgery center for a year (not many shifts at this time d/t COVID though!) I have been exhausted for along time, but WA is just so pretty and I love it there. My brother also recently moved, so it would be nice to be closer to him.

Being that I am already exhausted and California has patient ratios whereas other states don't, how is it in WA? Do you guys have unions to protect you? Safe Harbor? Good Management? How is the teamwork?

I was also wondering about other types of nursing. Maybe I just need a change in nursing, I cannot believe how tired I am. I do believe it is because my first year I worked almost every night between the hospital and hospice while also doing my BSN and managing my social life. But I still feel the lingering of tiredness hahaha!