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  1. Another question that lawyers can't answer: According to my expungement, all records of my criminal arrest is destroyed (including those kept by the FBI). Only the FDLE keeps the records. Therefore, if I were to move to another state (such as CA, NY) and do a fingerprint background check, would an expunged record show up if it's not in the FBI database? I know if they ask questions of history of arrest for the license I have to disclose it, but some only ask for history of convictions. I'm hoping that the expunged arrest won't get in the way of me finding employment.
  2. Hi everyone, Recently I found out that I had to disclose my arrests in order to get into nursing school. I have asked lawyers and the prosecutor of my expunged case (Battery/Strike- not convicted) and I was told that I don't have to disclose the arrest ever. However, according to Statue 943.0585 I have to disclose it for nursing. Why is there so much confusion about this? I am personally worried about struggling to find employment with a domestic violence arrest of my record. I am not so concerned about the DUI (dismissed), however I know that having two arrests doesn't look good. I'm considering pursuing a false arrest claim for the DUI. Regardless, should I have a reason to be concerned? I am considering moving to NY since they aren't as strict with background checks. Otherwise, I'm about to give up on my dreams.

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