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FL Two charges- Expunged and Nolle Prosequi

aggnurse aggnurse (New) New Pre-Student

Hi everyone,

Recently I found out that I had to disclose my arrests in order to get into nursing school. I have asked lawyers and the prosecutor of my expunged case (Battery/Strike- not convicted) and I was told that I don't have to disclose the arrest ever. However, according to Statue 943.0585 I have to disclose it for nursing. Why is there so much confusion about this?

I am personally worried about struggling to find employment with a domestic violence arrest of my record. I am not so concerned about the DUI (dismissed), however I know that having two arrests doesn't look good. I'm considering pursuing a false arrest claim for the DUI.

Regardless, should I have a reason to be concerned? I am considering moving to NY since they aren't as strict with background checks. Otherwise, I'm about to give up on my dreams.