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lexotaNIL has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in intensive care unit.

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  1. I don't know if there are nurses here currently no job because I am one of those. It's been a few months since the pandemic started, I've been waiting for my deployment abroad and up to now, I am still waiting. I am currently not in my home town and it's hard for me especially the expenses. I attempted to work locally but I have no urged to do so. I have been reading lots of negative comments about the current situation of healthcare workers,  and it made me think twice. I really don't know if I should wait for more months or should I start working locally.

  2. lexotaNIL

    Medication error wrong patient

    when I was assigned in ER I had 2 times medication error. dexamethasone for pedia but I gave Dansetron. the other one was I gave the loading dose of plavix for the wrong patient. Good thing both of them are safe. if you were never done any error that...
  3. lexotaNIL

    ICU Nurses

    I remembered once I said to our nursing directress ''please when you give us new staff at least give us a competent one''. And I understand how you feel...We cannot escape from that kind of problem, as always. You know that thing called ''burned out ...
  4. ''Marriage is like an Acid-base balance. A husband and wife basically should compensate with each other to maintain the homeostasis within their relationship. Just like how kidneys and lungs compensate with each other in times of disequilibrium. Just like acid and alkaline, the husband and wife should know their normal level otherwise there is an imbalance.''

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    Trauma book recommendations?

    refer to ATLS..
  6. lexotaNIL

    ICU Nurses

    In CPR they said you can stop it if you are exhausted, I guess that applies to Nurses too...Nurses need good manpower, a proper ratio when it comes to standard staffing..at least be fair enough. there must be an equal proportion to the nurse-patient ...
  7. lexotaNIL

    Knicked et tube balloon tube while shaving

    know that there are always different types of personality in the unit...Just know when to turn on your tough for things like that. regarding the incident, normally yes, there must be an IR. For the tube so long the patient is okay, the RT is calmed a...
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    the best experience is first-hand experience whether it is wrong or correct. always give yourself a room for failure because that is where you'll gonna learn much.
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    Coworkers won't wear masks

    I think that is the common issue between ''infection control'' and the entire hospital staff. That is why that job is existing because there is something that you need to control not just the infection transmission itself but also the behavior of th...