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Mother baby/Gyn

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  1. I am interested in thoughts on Couplet, GYN and Antepartum with occasional Med-surg overflow nurses leaving the unit/pt assignment to go act as “catch nurse” on L&D unit, then returning to Couplet/Gyn unit to resume care of original assignment. We have been told that we will begin training for this role: Mother Baby being cross-trained to do Newborn Admissions or “catch babies”. “currently working with the NICU staff to develop an appropriate competency checklist (ISCA) so that we can begin this process in the very near future. Please know this will not require any additional work hours from you.” Any thoughts regarding the forced training during a work shift? Any other postpartum/Gyn unit nurses have to leave the floor during shift to go “catch babies”? Who are the “catch nurses” at your deliveries? Thank you in advance for your input.

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