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    ICU time management

    Hi! I’m an ICU float now at new establishment. I am not happy about that but I am stuck here due to family dynamics etc. Each unit is run soooooo different and so it pt population , neuro vs ecmo, vs msicu vs CVICU. I’m having a hard time with time management. I’m night shift so baths are included. How do u balance 2 pt assignment? I like to get report eyeball pt ( A line, pumps at said rates) then Dayshift leaves I get into assessment and always find myself struggling with untwisting tubing n lines or finding something that needs sorting. Now I grab meds and by time given.... like when am I supposed to chart? I try to chart vs and I/o hourly. But this hospital wants assessment/skin/IV/adl charted Q2. I find myself being behind and not stopping to ever have time to read progress notes. I’m making myself ill from the stress. Any advice appreciated.
  2. Used2byoung

    Beach towns that pay decent-East Coast

    Hi. I’m growing tired of the city (Philadelphia). Crime. Blah weather. Housing costs. Been here most my life and now with a family we want to buy a home but not sure we want to be in philly forever (I’m 40 so it’s pretty much where I buy I plan to hopefully stay. I dream of beaches. And other cities like smaller versions. I’m a second career nurse and work ICU and telemetry, neuro, Med surge for same hospital. Looking for somewhere south of PA but still decent pay (approx 40/hr base, with or without Diff added for nights) I’m closer to 50 now (nights) so I am Curious if any of my fellow RNs can recommend a nice place to move with family? Small kids. Husband job is pretty much entry level manual labor so that’s not complicated. really appreciate your feedback as I browse home listings