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    Want to quit my CNA job

    HELPP!! Im a brand new CNA. Just started at a hospital in April and just got off orientation one month ago. I've never done CNA work before so its been very overwhelming and hard to adjust. I already want to quit. I work night shift and I feel anxious before my shift and just dread it all week. It is not the CNA job itself that I dread, its more of the nightshift and feeling like im expected to know what I am doing and be quick. I already have another job as a medical assistant during the day and I am in nursing school as well. I started CNA bc I thought it would be great for me to get my feet in the door since Im in nursing school but I think its all just getting to be too much for me, especially with nursing school going virtual and its 10x's harder now. I feel like a failure and very discouraged. I feel like I am letting myself down because my overall goal is to become a nurse. I tried getting day shift, but unfortunately with COVID they are low census and already have enough staff for AM shift. My question now is, how do I quit? I don't want to leave on a bad note at all! I just don't know what to say after only being there for 2.5 months and waisting their time training me. PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU!! (please I already feel like crap, no negative comments please)

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