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  1. Lisa Helling

    Social Media Policy

    Hello, I am a staff development coordinator in an SNF and I am developing an education piece about professional boundaries with residents r/t social media. We've had a recent issues with social media. Can anyone share your facilities policy regarding social media & patients? I feel it should be a given not to interact with patients online but my companies handbook doesn't address it unfortunately.
  2. Lisa Helling

    CNA Skills fair

    Hello, I am the staff development coordinator in a SNF and I am preparing to host a skills fair for our CNAs. I am trying to come up with ideas to make it engaging so they have fun. I want a station on skin breakdown (in order to emphasize repos, lotioning etc) but I am having a hard time coming up with an associated activity. Does anyone have experiments, demonstrations etc that could help? Or do you think an info board with gnarly pressure wounds is enough? Looking forward to your ideas! Also, if you have any other input regarding a skills fair I would love to hear it!

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