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I am a staff development coordinator in an SNF and I am developing an education piece about professional boundaries with residents r/t social media. We've had a recent issues with social media. Can anyone share your facilities policy regarding social media & patients? I feel it should be a given not to interact with patients online but my companies handbook doesn't address it unfortunately.


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Have you seen NCSBN publications:

Social Media Guidelines for Nurses


NCSBN has developed guidelines for nurses and nursing students for using social media responsibly.

A Nurse's Guide to the Use of Social Media

A Nurse's Guide to Professional Boundaries

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It should consist of the shortest, most concise written policy ever: Don't do it.

No room for interpretation, no grey areas. Nurses that are too stupid to follow it deserve whatever consequences come their way.



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I can't help you directly, but please, I would IMPLORE you to make sure it is applicable to all staff, in all depts. Sounds so simplistically simple, right?!?!

And it should tag into HIPAA. That seems to gain some attn.

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