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    HESI Scores

    Hi everybody! I have steadily been creeping this forum for months now and finally joined now that I'm in my science pre reqs classes and slowly but surely getting closer to applying for the TCC program. I'm hoping to get everything together so I can submit my application in Spring '21 to get into the Fall '21 program! I finished my english, stats, both psychs, and my fine arts and I'm currently taking AP1 right now and taking Micro and AP2 in the fall (I know I'm crazy for taking both at the same time...) But I just found out that TCC only selects students solely on their HESI score now and the grades you make in your science courses and your GPA do not effect being selected at all?! But I was curious if anyone knew how the HESI score is totaled, do they look at your grade in each category in the exam or are all the grades totaled together and that's the score you make on the HESI?

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