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  1. Pam.i.am

    Bellarmine May 2021

    Hey! So I am actually not going to be attending Bellarmine. I have been accepted to a school closer to home! But the typical schedule should be up right now for their accepted students portal on the website! @arkeller I wish you both the best of luck and lets come out as awesome nurses!
  2. Pam.i.am

    Bellarmine May 2021

    yeah, I actually called the nursing board for NYC this morning and thats what they told me. The program starts May 3 right? So we have less than 3 months to finish the CNA course! Im attending the virtual session tmr evening and will ask a bunch of questions! Are you also attending? Its at 7 pm!
  3. Pam.i.am

    Bellarmine May 2021

    Yay! Same, the reviews were scaring me 😞 I also want to have my license in NY instead of Kentucky and looked up to see if its accepted but they said we had to submit the transcripts in AFTER we are done so they can confirm. I was honestly losing hope in applying to schools and just applied to Bellarmine around a week ago and got accepted. Are they making you take a CNA course too? IDK what to do about that because thats like 1k for the course. I also have to plan out living situations all by May if I were to attend.
  4. Pam.i.am

    Bellarmine May 2021

    Hello, I got recently accepted to the Bellarmine May 2021 class! Anyone else attending this year? I am from NYC, I am hesitant about this program and wanted to find some support and advice! I was just about to give up applying for nursing programs when I got the email so it did give me hope for my future but I've heard some good things and bad things about this program. Feel free to msg me if you want to talk about the program as I would like to know more and make my decision! Hope you guys have a nice day!
  5. Pam.i.am

    Bellarmine May 2021

    Hello all, I just got an email with an acceptance to the Bellarmine May 2021 cohort! I wanted some advice from those who have attended or will also be attending the school this year! I am from NYC and I have my Bachelors degree from a few years back. I am hesitant because I was reading some reviews about the nursing school (some good and some bad). Is there anyone else from the east cost planning on attending Bellarmine? Is there any advice anyone can provide from either previously attending or currently attending this school? I was accepted "conditionally" and it required me to take a CNA course, but that would cost me money for the course- I don't know what to do as I am worried about spending this money and spending more for the nursing school!! Please feel free to leave any comments, I appreciate you guys!