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  1. New Grad NICU!

    I recently graduated nursing school with my BSN and will begin working in the NICU shortly! I am beyond excited, as this has been my dream specialty for years and arguably one of the influences behind why I went to nursing school in the first place. ...
  2. Timeline for Posting PA License on BON Website

    I received it on the 9th as well but forgot to update! So overall, I think it took a little over a week for me to receive it from when it was listed as "printed/mailed"... I think the holiday weekend also probably contributed to the delay!
  3. Timeline for Posting PA License on BON Website

    Thanks you too! On my PALS it says that my license was printed on the 30th (the day after my license was posted) and put in the "mail" category but I haven't received anything yet. I don’t know that they have actually mailed it yet so it might just b...
  4. Timeline for Posting PA License on BON Website

    My friend took hers on the 18th and her license just showed up today, so I would definitely expect you'll get yours soon if you haven't already!
  5. Timeline for Posting PA License on BON Website

    I actually just got it today! It took almost 2 weeks for them to post it from the date I tested. It says it can take up to 30 days but I was curious how soon it actually takes, so hopefully this can help someone else too!
  6. Timeline for Posting PA License on BON Website

    Hey y'all! Does anyone know/have any information on how long it takes for the Pennsylvania BON to update the website with your RN License? I took my NCLEX and passed on June 16th but my license is still not posted. I don't know if PA is just really b...
  7. Abdominal Assessment for NCLEX

    I am planning on taking the NCLEX in a few weeks and realized that I may have been taught the wrong order to conduct an abdominal assessment. If I can remember correctly, my nursing school taught us to "Inspect, Auscultate, Palpate, then Percuss". Ho...