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LNS95 is a BSN and specializes in L&D.

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  1. LNS95

    NCLEX Practice Exam | NCSBN

    I liked the UWorld assessments better, I didn't think $150 was worth an exam with no ability to review incorrect answers. I didn't realize that when I bought it and ended up not doing the second one.
  2. LNS95

    NY license posting wait time

    It says on their site that it can delay the process but I don't see why it would, it didn't for me as far as I know
  3. LNS95

    NY license posting wait time

    I'm sure it'll show up soon! Also using my full first & last name for some reason doesn't bring it up, if I just type in my last name it comes up.
  4. LNS95

    NY license posting wait time

    Update: license posted exactly 2 weeks after the exam
  5. LNS95

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    That's amazing CONGRATS! I took mine today and I'm in the exact place you were. 60 questions, felt great at first then became more and more anxious as the day went on. My PVT is good but I can't help but think I'll be a rare false positive. Thursday can't come quick enough!
  6. LNS95

    NY license posting wait time

    Does anyone know approximately how long it takes for NY to post RN license #s (whether it's <48 hrs)? I took my exam a few hours ago and 48 hours seems like a lifetime right now. PVT was good but I'm cautious to trust it
  7. LNS95

    Math & rounding

    Quick question about rounding! In school we were taught that the only time you round *during* the equation is lbs to kg (round to nearest tenth). On UWorld I got a question wrong because rounding kg to one decimal place ended up changing the answer, their example calculation did not round. For the NCLEX, should I continue to round kg during the calculation? Example: For 190 lbs I would use 86.4 as the weight when calculating dose (instead of 86.3636....)
  8. LNS95

    PPE Question

    Hi! I'm taking the NCLEX Tuesday (extremely nervous) and I know the basics for PPE but I'm confused with goggles/shields (what's considered "splashes"). For instance, on some websites it gives examples like for trach suctioning (with no infection) goggles/shields and a mask are required due to splashes, however we've always just been taught sterile gloves with suctioning. Can someone explain the situations when I should put down mask & goggles (aside from infections)? Another example would be bathing someone on contact precautions (wouldn't usually wear a mask but might for this?). Thanks!