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  1. Hi all, I started working as a RN a month ago and I’m worried that I’m not doing a good job. Last week I got called into the num’s office to do discuss two incidents that occurred a couple of weeks ago. One concerning a doctor complaining about me due to their patient not going to X-ray in time. Another one about a medication chart being filed as finished when the new form had not been filled out correctly ( I would not do this but coped it on the chin). On Friday I made a medication error. My buddy’s patient required some PRN pain relief and I gave them 1g paracetamol not realising that patient was also written for regular paracetamol three times a day. My buddy told me the error and spoke to the charge nurse. I completed a incident report but I am now concerned about the impression I am making at the job. I’m so stressed that my num will feel I am useless. I am extremely worried that I am failing as a nurse. I have booked in time with my facilitator for a debrief but questioning if I approach my num tomorrow about the error as I feel it is the right thing to do but am extremely nervous. I am really looking for any insight into what I should do! At this point I’m questioning my whole career choice!

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