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    NCLEX 2021 went all the way up to almost 150??

    I used UWorld & went to a very extensive 3 month review course. At the time, it was in class, I beleive it's held in Zoom now. After class, I would review questions from UWorld relating to what was went over. Every night, I would review minimum 10 questions. If I felt up to it, I would do another 10. Max each night was 30 because I was also working & have family obligations. After each question whether I got it right or wrong, I would review the rational. Sometimes I felt that I learned more from the rational more than the actual content itself. It also helped with other questions related. If you are in Los Angeles area, I can refer the review course that I took. He has a 95% success rate. Good luck!
  2. clamchopz

    Back to square one?

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping to seek some advice. I graduated with my ADN in Dec 2015. I have a Bachelor in Science degree in another field. Shortly after graduating from nursing school, I got married. 4 months after my wedding, my father suddenly passed away. I feel into a deep depression, and I had issues with my grieving mother, etc. We were finding ways to cope with our loss and had different point of views. Shortly afterwards, I had suffered two miscarriages. So, it took me a while to "screw my head on" correctly and pass NCLEX in May 2019. I took time to grieve my losses by going to counseling and took a wonderful NCLEX review course that set me on the correct path. All the while, I continued to work for a magnet hospital as their phlebotomist. I was there for 10 years. They passed me on twice in their New Grad program. I continued to work per diem as a phlebotomist and took up an RN position in a "sketchy" LTACH. On my third try for the magnet hospital's New Grad program, I was hired into one of their specialty units. I was so thrilled to be able to stay at my hospital. I quit the LTACH after 2 months from being there and began what I thought was going to be my dream job. Unfortunately, my dream job turned out to be not-so-great. I was bullied by my preceptor and did not receive much support the rest of the staff. I tried my best to do what I could, but it seemed like whatever I did, it wasn't good enough. My feedback was always "negative." I never heard anything positive and I asked my Clinical Educator, "Was there even anything I'm doing correctly?" She couldn't answer me. I have told my Clinical Educator that I was feeling anxiety from my preceptor and struggling with night shift. She told me, "This was the position you signed up for, so you should deal with it." My preceptor made me doubt myself as a nurse and she went as far as asking what my NCLEX score was. When I told her how well I did, she was shocked. Towards the end of my probation, my Director told me we were going to have a meeting with HR. I have worked at this hospital long enough to know that you never go see your boss in HR without a Union Rep. So, I did. The union tried their best to save my job, but ultimately, I was let go for not passing probation. I was crushed and it took me a while to recuperate from that. Two months after I was let go, I was hired as a New Grad Nurse into a smaller, less known hospital for their Emergency Room. I never thought of myself as an ED Nurse, but I was willing to take anything. I was hired into a Day shift position! Almost unheard of for a New Grad! My coworkers embraced me into the family and I had wonderful preceptors who were patient and nurturing. I flourished in my department and learned a lot, especially throughout this pandemic. This was not the perfect hospital, of course we lacked a lot of resources and had to improvise. But we made it work. I was enjoying nursing again and I thought I found my place....I have been working on my own for about 3 months now. A few days ago at our monthly staff meeting, the director of our department spent an hour and a half telling what we need to do to improve our department, how we need to keep up with our certifications, sepsis protocols, etc. She then stated that our CEO was going to join the meeting in a little bit. The CEO almost never comes to join the meeting. When he came, he dropped the bomb stating they are going to convert our Emergency Room into a 24-hour Urgent Care. They are closing our L&D dept and Cath lab. Everyone was in so much shock that it took a while to process this information. We met with our Union rep yesterday, and apparently the company that owns our hospital system is re-vamping all of our hospitals. They are also converting other our sister hospital's ED into a 24 hour Urgent Care. Our hospital will convert into a Psych/Jail hospital. Each sister hospital will convert into a specialty hospital - one hospital will specialize in L&D, another will be a surgical hospital, another will be Cardiac ICU/Trauma, etc. They are not offering any transfers. They have already started laying off a bunch of people. The union is negotiating a new contract and talking about a strike. How can we negotiate when we're not even sure if there's a job for us? Once the transitions are complete, will there still be a Union? I am 3 classes away from finishing my BSN.... I have 6 months of Emergency Room experience (during this pandemic), 2 months of experience from the LTACH, and 3 months of experience from the other specialty. At this point, I don't know if my position is "safe." No one knows who will go and who will be able to stay. My gut tells me to start putting out my resume out there. Do I still qualify as a New Grad? Am I still hire-able? I have posted my story about being fired from that specialty unit in the past, and received great feedback. I deeply appreciated all of your positive encouragement. Thanks again for reading my post and letting me rant my frustrations. Please pray for me and my other colleagues!
  3. clamchopz

    Offered nights in first job but turned it down

    I was in a similar situation where I passed NCLEX 3 years after graduation. Life got in the way- I got married, my father passed away 4 months after that, and I had 2 miscarriages.... Passing 7 years after graduation is very commendable... CONGRATS! I also struggled in finding a job, but I did find a job. My first job was at a questionable LTACH, which will be nameless. They took so many shortcuts, I didn't feel comfortable. But it was good experience and I was able to recognize what "should" and "should not" be done. My second job was a New Grad residency program at a Magnet hospital, but unfortunately that did not work out because the unit was not a "good fit" for me. Let's just leave it at that... On a positive note, I am about to start another job and they will continue to train me as a New Grad. After speaking to the Director, she told me to come directly to her if I have any problems. I have really good feelings about this position and I know I will learn greatly. There are many jobs out there. As previous posts, I do agree Outpatient Dialysis is a good opportunity for someone who just wants an 8 hour Day shift job. I couldn't do it because it reminded me too much of my Father, and I'm still dealing with his passing. Maybe after some more time, I will consider it. For now, I am happy with the upcoming opportunity. And yes, beggars can't be choosers, so apply EVERYWHERE, and consider what is offered. Believe that you will find something. I did consider some RN refresher courses, but in my area, I was not able to find a good "legit" one. So... if you decide to go that route, be sure to do a lot research on the courses. Look through this website and Yelp... read the comments, etc. Best of Luck!
  4. clamchopz

    Keep looking for a job or finish my BSN?

    After a few weeks of looking for a job and interviews, I've re-enrolled into my online BSN classes. I have followed up with emails and phonecalls to see if I received any offers (other than that Covid SNF) with no answers. With that, I'm assuming that I did not get the positions. So I'm not going to waste any more time and decided to finish the BSN degree. I will continue to try to apply for jobs, but I will not be as aggressive about it (just enough to satisfy unemployment office). During my search, I have discovered that a BSN degree is highly desired and I do believe it will open more doors. I have been looking into RN refresher courses. I have been scouring the internet and even called a few places listed on the BRN website. Most of those phone numbers are very outdated. I am located in the Los Angeles, CA area. The most legitimate RN refresher course that I have found is located in San Diego, which is offered at certain times of the year. Their next cohort starts in January 2021 because I just missed their orientation for Fall 2020. I have read old posts regarding the RN Refresher programs from Santa Ana College and Azusa Pacific University. Unfortunately, they sound very disappointing. So, I went ahead and signed up for an online RN Refresher course through Nursing.com. They had a sale going on and I receive access for 1 year. I can refresh some nursing skills/concepts while working on my BSN classes since I have been staying home. Does anyone have any further advice? I hope I am on the right track. It is unfortunate and disappointing that I have to be in this position. It is what it is. I am not going to stop. I am moving forward and hopefully things will turn out for the better. If anyone in Southern California knows of a good, legitimate RN refresher course, please let me know!
  5. How do we get cross-trained and prepare for the unforseen when we are still looking for a job? How should I & other nurses looking for work go about this?
  6. Everyone who have replied to this post have very valid points. Thank you for writing this article, and thank everyone on their input. As a new nurse, I find it very intriguing and I am more than willing to learn everything. I think new nurses need to be efficient where they are before they get crossed-trained. Or, begin to be cross-trained to a unit similar to their "home unit" before spreading their wings further. I would absolutely love to be that nurse who is the "jack of all trades." In reality, I can only learn so much at a time, and it would take me a while to get there. I'm still trying to find a job to begin with! Would my fellow new grads agree?
  7. clamchopz

    Starting Full Time ADN program

    Do you know anyone who has an old syllabus? Maybe they can pass on some knowledge/tips and some reading ahead of time? Maybe you should start with the basics of fundamentals... like the first few chapters.
  8. clamchopz

    Keep looking for a job or finish my BSN?

    Thank you for your encouragement and advice! I am leaning more towards finishing the BSN since I have a feeling I am not going to get into that New Grad Program into the smaller hospital. I am weighing ALL options before making this final decision. I will take every advice into consideration 🙂
  9. clamchopz

    Recommendations for BSN Programs

    I am doing Capella's RN to BSN Flexpath program. You can take as many classes or as little since each semester is self-paced! You can finish your BSN in less than a year, less than $10,000! Look into it! Good luck!
  10. clamchopz

    Starting Full Time ADN program

    CONGRATS! Can you obtain a syllabus to get some reading ahead of time? Youtube Videos really helped me visualize a lot of procedures and concepts that I didn't understand.
  11. clamchopz

    Accepted to Two Schools. Help!

    Which option would be cheaper? I would factor in cost and time to make the final decision. Good Luck!
  12. Hi Everyone, On my last post, I stated that I was in a New Grad RN program and was struggling with my preceptor. I received a lot of good advice, and I tried my best. Thank you for our advice and support. Unfortunately, I did not pass probation and was fired from my job. Even my union rep felt the termination was unfair. Because I was on probation, the union rep could not fight harder for me. They read my evaluations and even said they were being "nit-picky" on a lot of things. They could have transferred me to a different unit since it wasn't a good fit.... it is what it is. Time to move forward and leave that behind. I have already applied for Unemployment and I'm waiting for that to kick in. I am 5 classes away from finishing my BSN. I have a B.S. in Health Sciences already, so I opted to go for the ADN program at a local community college and received my nursing education for free. After I graduated, I got married, and 4 months after my wedding, my father suddenly passed away. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 2 years. So, it took a while for me to "screw my head on" correctly and pass the NCLEX. I took a few review courses and finally found one that worked to help me pass. After passing NCLEX, I struggled to find a job since I wasn't exactly a "new grad." I'm one of those "OLD new grads." I was so happy to have been accepted to this program since I worked for that hospital for 10 years as a Phlebotomist. Unfortunately, I wasn't matched up with the right preceptor, and things went downhill from there. I tried my best. Now, I'm trying to figure out what the next step should be. Should I take an RN refresher course and continue to look for employment? Or, should I take money out of my 401K and finish those 5 BSN courses in 3 months? After I finish the BSN courses, I still plan to enroll into the RN refresher courses. I feel that if I work first, it would take longer to finish those 5 classes. I am enrolled at Capella University in their self-paced BSN program. I love the courses and I am getting straight A's. I put a pause in my education because I was struggling with my job. A lot of jobs out here require the BSN degree.... I am in the process of trying to get all my medical supplies saved up to hold me over for the next 3-4 months... I am going to pay for Cobra for 2 months to get everything I need medical-wise done before discontinuing it. It is very costly. Unfortunately, I do not quality for Medi-Cal (I'm in California). Covered California program is still costly for type of healthcare that I will need. My husband's insurance will cost as much as Covered California. My husband suggests that I should just focus and finish the 5 classes in 3 months to obtain the BSN degree. I know that I can do it if I don't work. After finishing that, then take the RN refresher course. If employers ask about my 3-4 month gap in employment, I could state that I decided to focus and finish the BSN degree so that I would receive better opportunities. I can also state that I took the RN refresher course to ensure that I am ready and able to work. Does this sound like a good plan or should I find work ASAP to pay all my debt off and finish the BSN classes after I'm stable with a job? I'm worried about our financial debt. I'm worried that I would not be able to find a job. I'm worried that I will struggle with the next job. My previous preceptor really made me feel like I was such an inadequate nurse. No matter what decision I made, it was the "wrong" decision. This termination has taken a big toll on my self-confidence. A friend of mine said that this hospital is notorious for treating their workers this way. I know she means well... I have had two interviews already. One interview was for a Covid unit at a SNF. They want me to work with 14 Covid patients with 1 LVN and 1 CNA during the shift with only 2 days of Orientation. They hired me on the spot, but I told them I want to keep my options open since I am interviewing elsewhere. They told me to let them know by Monday. Another interview I had was a New Grad Med-Surg Program in a much smaller hospital. The DON told me that they preferred someone with no experience and has to interview 20 other applicants with only 4 openings. She said she will let me know next week. I spoke to a job counselor and she agreed with my husband to finish the BSN courses. Any advice or thoughts on this would be deeply appreciated. I will let you know how things go. Thanks in advance!
  13. clamchopz

    NCLEX Struggle

    It will happen. Believe you will pass!
  14. clamchopz

    NCLEX Struggle

    Thank you! You don't have to use UWorld. Just use any questuion bank & be sure to read the rationale. If you understand the content well enough, NCLEX can ask about 1 subject in 100s of different ways. Dr. Khan breaks down the concent so well so that it will stick in your head. I honestly heard his voice in my head the entire time! Good luck!
  15. clamchopz

    NCLEX Struggle

    I took KSK over a year ago, so all I have is my book. I took KSK twice. The first time around, I had a miscarriage after completing the course. I had to take a break. I decided to take KSK a second time because I needed motivation. The information stuck the second time because I was adding on to my notes that I had previously. I also sat back & absorbed the information better. Every night, I answered 5-10 questions from UWorld. I matched up the questions with the subject Dr. Khan went over. I never skipped a night of questions. But be sure to read the rationales after each question whether you get it right or wrong. A lot of times, those rationales can explain another question or concept later on. You have to understand the concept to pass NCLEX. They can ask 1 content in 100s of different ways. I was also working full time. If I can do it, anyone can. It takes a lot of time & commitment to achieve this goal. I know his courses are expensive. It was worth every penny for me. I put it all on a credit card to pay it off. My husband was side hustling doing Door Dash to help me pay for this. You find a way if you want it bad enough. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  16. clamchopz

    NCLEX Struggle

    I used Dr. Khan & UWorld! Worth every penny!