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  1. I Should Be in Jail

    My heart hurts for these lil kiddos. I would lose my mind if I lost my one or both of my kids. To witness what the author has....I couldn't recover from that.
  2. How does CM pay compare to bedside RN pay?

    Coming from home health it was a 16000 a year increase. Very well compensated for my low cost of living area. Hospitals here do not pay very well. Home health makes more.
  3. "Care Manager" for National Care Management/Humana

    We would pay $180 a month per member. The agency received $360. I routinely had to drive an hour each way to get members. And the paperwork was time consuming.
  4. "Care Manager" for National Care Management/Humana

    When I did this in the past we had a hard time getting members assigned. It was first come first served and I never had more than 5.
  5. CM online application help

    They often have key words listed. Make sure you utilize those key words in your resume. Find a way to explain the CM work who did.
  6. New Grad

    I went into HH as a new grad. I had an amazing director who taught me so much! It can be done with the right support!
  7. United Health Group Field Care Coordinator

    Just received the offer today! Home/Field based. Very excited!
  8. United Health Group Field Care Coordinator

    I am too. I came to read reviews like you. I'm in the Quad Cities.
  9. United Health Group Field Care Coordinator

    Are you interviewing in Cedar Rapids by chance?
  10. Nov 1 RN to BSN

    Who is starting Nov 1?
  11. New start rn-bsn december 2014

    I'm starting Nov 1. 36 credits to take and I WILL be done in 1 year! Only working PRN but I have a 14 month old and 4 year old that keep me busy.
  12. Nov 1 RN to BSN

    Awesome! Congrats on the baby!
  13. entrance assessment test

    I didn't have to do the entrance test. I don't think its required for RN to BSN.
  14. Nov 1 RN to BSN

    Darn it!
  15. Western Governors University

    Oct cohort is full but hopefully you can get in Nov with me!
  16. Your Specialty & Why

    Home health and geriatrics. I love our older population!
  17. When a Mom Miscarries

    Having had 2 early miscarriages between my 2 healthy term kiddos, I have to say, a miscarriage destroys something in a woman that is never quite healed. I had a very painful loss the first time. No pain meds, nothing. But it was therapeutic in a way ...
  18. Non-Oasis SOC

    I am working for a brand new agency who are not medicare certified yet and currently are focusing on private pay patients. We do not have any SN pts, just HHA and homemaker. My question is, is the non-oasis soc required on admission? Or is there a sh...
  19. Non-Oasis SOC

    Thank you for your response!
  20. Start Date August 1st, 2014 - BSN vs. MSN

    I just applied for the RN-MSN program myself. Anyone else get a text with a code that waived the application fee? That was nice. I too, am debating on whether to just complete the RN-BSN or go through to MSN.
  21. Pregnant! When to tell supervisor?

    Congrats!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy (I am due in a few weeks myself!)
  22. People really believe this????

    About as sad as what I was asked recently at my in laws. My MIL asked me what RN's make around here, because some girl who is getting ready to start nursing school keeps telling her she will make $130,000 when she gets out of school (as an ADN). I re...
  23. RN-BSN and not working?

    I graduated with my ADN, passed NCLEX and worked for 2 1/2 years before becoming a SAHM. I am now persuing my RN-BSN while I am home with my 3 year old and a baby due in August. Might as well do something career wise while raising my babies. I am set...
  24. How many hours per week (avg) do you work these days?

    I work about 16hrs a week in my PRN position and am open to working up to 24. No more than that though!
  25. [So] My hospital has banned disposable wipes...

    Remind me to bring my own washcloth and towels when I go into labor...I do not care to wash my face with someone elses bum!