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likepsych has 7 years experience and specializes in Psych.

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  1. likepsych

    Walden U PMHNP

    In California you have to take a state exam to become licensed in CA for Walden degree.
  2. likepsych

    Walden FNP Review

    In CA, PMHNP are in high demand, so graduating from Walden, I'm sure you can find a job.
  3. likepsych

    PMHNP schools

    I live in California and work in Psych. I know a few PMHNP who graduated from Walden, and found jobs.
  4. likepsych

    PMHNP Programs

    I applied for Walden, hoping to start soon. I find if you already work in psych, start asking around there for preceptors, at least that's my plan. Also the institution I work for supports continuing education so I heard if I go to there training and development department they will also help me. Good luck!!
  5. likepsych

    Walden U PMHNP

    My experience is large institutions may not hire you right away, until you have paid experience and a work history. So you may start a job at a less desirable place, but get the experience then you are more marketable. Good luck! I too am in the process of applying to Walden PMHNP!!