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girlwithnoname has 11 years experience and specializes in sepsis/pul.

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    I've been debating to go back for NP for a while now, it's always been in the back of my mind. Some nurses more experienced than me said that they make more than NPs and there really isn't a point in going back to school. I also have a lot of loans so I'm not sure if its worth it. Also, I've heard the jobs are saturated now and its hard to find practicums. Do you agree?
  2. girlwithnoname

    Riots/2nd Outbreak/Ebola is back

    Hi, Are any of you guys worried about the riots having a second COVID outbreak? I am super worried about the world. Also, I found out that Ebola came back in Congo. I'm trying not to be anxious but how can you not as a nurse right now. Heres a link to the Ebola coming back: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/01/world/africa/ebola-outbreak-congo.html
  3. I recently got exposed to a patient who got admitted for a diagnosis not related to COVID, or so we thought. I had a surgical mask and only in the patients room for maybe 30 minutes giving medications. Later on, we found out she was COVID+. The patient was not coughing and she was also not getting breathing treatment. I have so much anxiety about this. I think I am at a low risk for getting it? I know a handful of other nurses that have COVID already and I can't stop worrying. Please give me comforting words. Btw, my hospital said not to isolate only if I have symptoms. I think thats a load of crap.

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