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McRosemann is a CNA and specializes in Nursing.

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    NCTC ADN Spring 2021

    Hi Guys! I wanted to start a new thread for the upcoming semester! I am really hopeful to get in and start working on my ADN and maybe even the BSN bridge they have! Does anyone know what you have to do to qualify for the BSN program? I have all of my Pre-Reqs done for a Traditional BSN program here in the North Texas area because that was my initial plan! I am hoping that I'll be able to join that and get my degree done in 2 years! I looked at the previous years application cycle here on the forms and it looks like I might have a good chance of getting into the program (Fingers crossed.) My Stats are this: 3.0 in my Sciences All Pre-Reqs Done TEAS: 78.7 overall Reading: 80.9 Math 87.5 Science 74.5 English 66.7 (I hate English testing, I can write you an essay all day) I really hope to get in! Whats everyone else looking like for this application program?