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ValerieFutureFNP BSN, RN


Graduated in 2019. Slow learner, recently was accepted to Holy Names University FNP program. Would like to connect with others enrolled in a Fall 2020 FNP program

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ValerieFutureFNP has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in RN-BSN.

Started as a caregiver in 1999. Became a CNA in 2000. Moved on to become a LVN in 2005 at Merritt College. Attained BSN-RN in 2019 at Holy Names Univeristy. Newly accepted into an MSN-FNP program for fall 2020 at Holy Names University.

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  1. Looking to gather any students registered at Holy Names University for the Fall MSN-FNP program.
  2. Apparently its hard to place students at hospitals due to covid-19 and competing schools. I graduated with BSN-RN in August 2019. Some of out L&D hours where attained through attending Prenatal classes at Kaiser. For pediatric hours, my class spent a week camping with type 1 diabetic kids. 🙂