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  1. jbelle

    What nursing Managers fail to see

    way to say it - thank you from another one of the WE
  2. jbelle

    Old nurses dont want to learn new tricks?

    as an experienced nurse in icu(25 years)-just thought you should know that stereotyping is not the way to make friends. i for one am first in line to learn new procedures-new drugs-new treatments and i study faithfully. mostly so that i know how to do the things that are asked of me-i worked hard for my license and don't intend to coast anywhere. but with your attitude i might suggest you sit back and get off the i'm better and retire the old horses...someday that old nurse coasting may just be the one to save your condescending self appointed better than self..............nurses are people with same needs-problems-ambitions or lack off-just like anywhere else---do you always function at 100% peak??

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