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  1. Hi everyone! I am set to graduate on December 16th from my nursing program and our pinning is scheduled for that afternoon. Although our pinning is being held in person, we (the students) are not allowed to have any guests. After pleading to the...
  2. Hi everyone! I didn't see a thread about this so figured I'd start one! I applied to all of the new grad positions at Children's for the Spring residency and have a couple interviews lined up but am nervous and was hoping for some advice or tips on w...
  3. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    oh OK, I got confused. I thought priority was the early deadline. I did apply to the one in November!
  4. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    anyone else apply to the early deadline and not hear back yet? I’m trying not to be negative but still having not received anything makes me think the worse ? tried calling today but forgot they are closed for the holiday, hopefully tomorrow will be...
  5. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    I still haven’t heard anything! congrats to all that have gotten in already! is anyone else still waiting to hear?