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    Internship During COVID

    I just finished my first year of nursing school and will graduate next year. Before COVID, I had planned to live on campus during the Summer and try to get a nursing internship/externship. However, due to COVID, my university has closed for this semester and I had to move out of my apartment on campus and home with my parents, which is about 50 miles away from school. I had applied to several internships in the Winter and was lucky enough to be offered one at a hospital near my university. I really want to accept the internship position, but I don't know if it's the best decision. It is over an hour away, meaning I couldn't work as much as I want to since I'm stuck off campus, and I'm also worried about putting my parents at risk of the virus. My father is older and my mother has some autoimmune issues. My parents think it would be best if I pass on the internship and try to get one later in the year or even next year since I don't even know if the university will be open in the fall. This past year I've been told how important it is to get a Summer internship to get the job you want after graduation. Is the internship worth taking the risks now since I'll be working the field next year? Would not having a Summer internship really ruin my chances at getting a good job after graduation? I've worked really hard to get this internship offer and feel like I might regret turning it down.

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