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sunshined has 2 years experience as a ADN, BSN, LVN.

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  1. sunshined

    Sharp New Grad Nurse Residency Summer 2021

    I had friends hired at Sharp in 2019 before graduation for a Summer start, contingent upon getting licensed after their July or Aug (I forget) test date.
  2. sunshined

    Veteran to LVN/RN in CA

    I am in SD. I was an HM, so my pathway was different than yours will be. Military credit was really negligible. It basically got me out of PE classes and some health 101 class. It was only worth 1 point on my nursing school application. The most valuable thing you get from it is priority registration for classes. I transitioned to the reserve to go to school, with basically no school credits other than biology. -What is your AA in? That will determine how far along you are with nursing prereqs----- https://www.swccd.edu/locations/higher-education-center-at-otay-mesa/programs/nursing/associate-degree-nursing-ADN/_files/associate-degree-nursing-prerequisites.pdf -You basically HAVE to have a CNA to get enough points to be accepted into a nursing program. Everyone here has it, and it is worth 25 points out of 100 I believe). There are places you can get it done in a month for like $1200. I did LVN to RN, so did not do CNA. I challenged the board with my HM experience and got an LVN license. -I finished my bachelors in about 40 months. 1 year LVN to RN, then 1 year for RN to BSN. The rest was spent on prereqs. They took me forever because I did not have priority registration at first, so it messed up my whole degree plan. The nursing prereqs fill up immediately. - If your ultimate goal is RN, skip LVN. Get an ADN in 2 years and start working while finishing your BSN. Work as A CNA while in nursing school at a major hospital system. You will be so happy you did when it comes time to apply for RN jobs. Networking is huge.
  3. Sharp's new grad application is open until October 20, and requires less than 12 months to qualify as a new grad still, and there is lots of med/surg. Other than that, you will need a year of experience just about everywhere here in SD that is attached to a hospital system (even their clinic roles). Unless you are willing to go to a clinic environment like DaVita, which has been hiring a lot lately. No dialysis experience required, and they also hire new grads. Another option is Paradise Valley or Alvarado. The pay is not great, but they are constantly hiring med/surg/tele and hire new grads/nurses with less than a year of experience. They do not do new grad programs, but a lot of people get their year there and move on to the bigger systems.
  4. sunshined

    Starting new job this week - nervous!

    How is training going? What state are you in?
  5. sunshined

    Scripps New Grad Residency 2020 October

    My first choice was CV, then Hillcrest, oncology *and I never received any email notifications
  6. sunshined

    Scripps New Grad Residency 2020 October

    Me either but...freaking out 😂
  7. sunshined

    Scripps New Grad Residency 2020 October

  8. I was under the impression there are no wait lists anymore, the admission process is points based. It is this way for RN here in California, so I would hope it is that way for LVNs as well. http://www.miracosta.edu/instruction/nursing/lvnprogram.html