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Civil Technologist who works for government.
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Chloe_all specializes in Civil Technologist who works for government..

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  1. Chloe_all

    University of Calgary, January 2021

    Congratulations everyone who have a success to enter the program!! I am still working on finishing some pre requisite courses. I am wondering how everyone knows their GPA? I mean I know those 5 pre requisite courses individually and my previous post secondary one ( mine has no transferable courses so they said they will take the cumulative GPA) then how can you estimate your overall GPA? Just combine all and divide by the number of courses? also, when we send our transcript, u of c will look at the letter grading (a,b,c...) or they will just see point I achieved (like 4.0,3.7...) Have a good one!
  2. Chloe_all

    University of Calgary, January 2021

    Hi all, I all of sudden got curious about Transcript and GPA for admission. So once I submit my transcripts of post secondary & 5 pre requisite courses, will admission take the grade (A,B,C...) as determinant of GPA or they will look at the percentage of how much I achieved then convert into UofC’s own GPA scale range? Each school has slightly different score conversion.. other question is if applicants graduated from two post secondary schools (my case, it’s degree first then got another diploma), they advised me admission will only look at the latest education GPA which is my diploma. Am I still supposed to submit both institution’s transcripts? Or the only they will look into? any advice? Thank you in advance!