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  1. New graduate working in Pediatric Home health care??

  2. New graduate working in Pediatric Home health care??

    Hi Marisol!! I felt exactly the same way as you starting in home health as a new grad. I still love it so far and it has been amazing!! However, I think that is because I work in a great agency so it will really depend on that. Plus, I only have...
  3. New graduate working in Pediatric Home health care??

    OMG! Yes!! I am in OR. Based in Portland!! Small world... so, I actually don’t work at Nursingale!! I work for a smaller agency called Cascade. However you are in luck because I do know some people who worked/work there. So far, I have only heard go...
  4. New graduate working in Pediatric Home health care??

    Hello! Yes!! I did accept the job. I am now a little over a month in. It has truly been amazing and I am so glad I went this route. I can honestly say I love my first job as a new graduate RN compared to my friends starting in the hospital haha....
  5. Hello, I recently got offered a new graduate position working with medically fragile pediatric patients at a home health agency. I am really torn if I should take this position, because I hear the scary stories of being a new graduate in home he...
  6. Failed NCLEX 3 times

    Hello! If you haven't tried Kaplan, I would recommend. Kaplan did a great job with how to break down questions and they always had a bunch of videos to help you succeed. Good luck
  7. ADN new grads in PDX hospitals

    I just finished my ADN also. And will be starting my BSN in septemer and graduate next Summer. Would it be wrong to wait a whole year and then apply to hospital jobs in Portland? It sounds like the competition is competitive and you must have your BS...
  8. NCLEX 2020

    No, I didn’t get any SATAs where I selected them all! I got about 8-10 SATAS.
  9. NCLEX 2020

    I took my NCLEX last weekend and passed in 60 questions. I used Kaplan through my school which I really liked Because it helped break down questions. I also used UWorld. I studied for almost 6 weeks everyday. I know nurseachieve has a free 30 day sub...
  10. DOSAGE COMP QUESTION! Need help!

    An now that I’m thinking about it could be mag sulfate!
  11. DOSAGE COMP QUESTION! Need help!

  12. DOSAGE COMP QUESTION! Need help!

    Yes my guess was 300....
  13. DOSAGE COMP QUESTION! Need help!

    Hello, Was hoping someone could answer this question for me. Doctor gives you loading dose of oxytocin 4g in 20 min. You have 40g in 1L . How many ml/hr?
  14. How long have you waited to take NCLEX ?

    Hello all, Was wondering how long it took you to actually take the NCLEX from when you graduated in Oregon during the Pandemic. I've heard it can be awhile for other states, but haven't heard anything specifically in Oregon. Thank you!
  15. ADN to BSN, work or not work as an RN?

    I will be planning to take NCLEX (this Summer) before I start my BSN program in the fall. Many hospitals where I am from (Portland, Oregon) require a BSN for a residency program, sadly. It is highly competitive. And most protocols for a residency pro...