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Nikha Rana BSN, RN

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Nikha Rana has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Stepdown/ICR.

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  1. Nikha Rana

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    @AnnaOBRNC Thanks! I just joined!
  2. Nikha Rana

    Stony Brook FNP Summer 2020

    Hi All, CONGRATS to everyone accepted into the FNP program. I am looking forward to working with and hopefully meeting you all. I have actually created a group for us all to communicate in one place on FB. Just a super casual group for us to keep in touch and share updates. I had created a group like during my undergrad and it worked out really well. If you are interested, please search on FB: SBGS FNPSummer2020 Please join and say Hi! -Nikha
  3. Nikha Rana

    Nursing Apps you can't live without!

    These are all really cool! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nikha Rana

    New job, so discouraged and sad

    Hope things are getting better for you!

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