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  1. Guub

    California Department of State Hospitals

    Update 12th week: Got the job! @nicknjessholmes I always have a concern about safety. There are always going to be incidents and assaults working in a psych facility. Have to be super vigilant and careful. For my facility, I have not heard of a recent death. But just be super careful and vigilant. Keep your boundaries.
  2. Guub

    How will COVID-19 affect the hiring process?

    Don't worry. HR said they would get back to me in 6-8 weeks for a job with the government, however I am on my 10th week of waiting and still no news. Asked for an update, but they say selection is still pending.
  3. Guub

    California Department of State Hospitals

    @aspiringrn2020 I interviewed at Metropolitan in Los Angeles. Yea I will email them once I hit the 6 week mark in 2 days. I really want this job!
  4. Hello I was just wondering if anyone applied to the California Department of State Hospitals before and could help me out. I have interviewed and they have said to wait for 4-6 weeks for results. I am coming up on the 6th week with no news of job offer yet. They have called 2/3 references. Do they usually give a tentative offer once references are checked, or do I just have my hopes up for nothing.

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