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  1. Hello do you know anyone who has completed this program or have any reviews? Thanks 

  2. Thank you! I got an email stating my acceptance but not the physical letter in the mail. I’m assuming we will get book lists once we are registered for classes. I mean, if you get the acceptance email, you’re in! I reached out to my enrollment advisor and she stated that someone would contact me in July to register for classes. They’ve already sent my financial aid offer though.
  3. Rece21

    FNP Programs

    I just got accepted to Texas women’s university and Saint Joseph’s Maine. You can look into those. They require one on-site visit and Maine has a military tuition discount.
  4. Hi everyone! I just got my acceptance email into the fall 2020 FNP program at TWU Denton campus. Anyone else awaiting acceptance or already completed the program? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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