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  1. Santacruzsandy5

    CSU Stanislaus ASBSN Spring 2021

    @Zee28 that question was asked during my info session in July. It was stated, at this time, that non-clinical classes, such as theory, were going to be online unless something changed between now and January 2021. As for the actual schedule, I'm not sure what look like.
  2. Santacruzsandy5

    CSU Stanislaus ASBSN Spring 2021

    @ann.bri I highly, highly recommend reviewing the science portion, as well as the English portion. I thought I was pretty comfortable with science but then some of the questions caught me off guard. In retrospect, the math went well but it was draining, and if I had been a tad more confident with my science knowledge I would have done better on it. The English...well, that's a hard call. I excel at English and I did extremely well on the Reading portion. However, when it came to knowing basic subject vs predicate vs compound sentence grammatical rules, I realized I didn't know as much as I thought I did. When you take the test, make sure to go slow, be thorough, and review your answers a 2nd time before jumping to the next section. I made the decision to not retake the test. I know if I took it again I could do better, but it's $100/pop to take the test and I'd rather hold onto my money.
  3. "Afraid, but doing it anyway."  ~Kelley Marie Tran

  4. Santacruzsandy5

    SCC ADN Fall 2020

    Hello! I'm a bit curious: I got into the Spring 20201 program at SCC. For those of you who got into the Fall 2020 slots, when is your orientation? If you've had it yet, would you tell me what's in your "nursing kits" that you have to purchase? I have bought a few things to prep for the Spring semester, and it's been helping to spread out the cost rather than having to throw $2k down on the spot. I'd really love to know what's in those kits and the cost of those supplies so I can budget properly. (More likely, so I can fret about expenses, but I'd rather be nosy and prepared rather than indifferent and panicked.) Thanks!
  5. Santacruzsandy5

    American River College Fall 2020/Spring 2021 ADN

    No; I don't think we will be hearing from ARC until September or October since they aren't taking a Fall 2020 class. There was an email that went out several weeks ago but I've since deleted it.
  6. Santacruzsandy5

    CSU Stanislaus ASBSN Spring 2021

    @ann.bri My application is pretty much finished. Tomorrow I plan on sending out the requests for universities to send their transcripts to CSU Stanislaus so they can be received in time. I already applied through CSU apply--that was easy enough--but I'm waiting until one of the info sessions before submitting what I have. I'm a bit nervous that my points are low, despite my work and volunteer experience. How is your TEAS study prep going? Or if you finally took it, how did you do? I got an 84.7% on mine, 1st attempt. I haven't taken it a second time.
  7. Santacruzsandy5

    CSU Stanislaus ASBSN Spring 2021

    I'm curious as to how many people on here are planning on applying for the ASBSN program through Stanislaus State. Due to Covid-19, the process is entirely online. While the application fee has been waived (hooray!) we do have to pay for transcripts to be emailed electronically so the cost evens out (dangit). It looks like a fabulous program, and although it's pricey at around $36k it's cheaper than other accelerated programs in the Sacramento/NorCal region.
  8. Santacruzsandy5

    Sacramento City College Fall 2020 ADN

    I didn't realize that the class size was so small. That's crazy to me! But hey--nice to talk to a future classmate. 🙂
  9. Santacruzsandy5

    Sacramento City College Fall 2020 ADN

    Hello other Spring 2021 admits! I also got the email about our next round of info coming in October. I'm actually pleased about it because it gives me time to prepare. For those entering in the Fall: when is your orientation? And CONGRATS. 🙂
  10. Santacruzsandy5

    Sacramento City College ADN (RN) Program Fall 2020

    Hello and good morning! I actually got accepted into the Spring 2021 group. I'm so excited to meet someone else who will be attending Sac City. Maybe we'll bump into each other on campus one day. :) I'm actually really curious as to what is included with the acceptance packet. Is there a list of items that you need to purchase or that will be available to purchase on the day of orientation? CONGRATS on your acceptance into the program.

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