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  1. oatmilk

    SCC ADN Fall 2020

    @Santacruzsandy5 Sorry for the really late reply haha! I was accepted into the Fall 2020 cohort, so I'm not too sure on details for the Spring session. Our orientation was on May 15, with a follow-up meeting on June 12. As far as "nursing kits" go there is one that we were required to order, but they still haven't shipped so I'm not too sure what will be included in them. The cost of this kit was around $122. Regarding other supplies, they hold us accountable for purchasing penlights ($5-10, note that non-disposable penlights will require batteries), a personal stethoscope ($75+ for a Littman Classic III - note Littmans are recommended but not required, so you can find cheaper alternatives aka the Acoustica brand), scrubs (Dickies or Cherokee brand only, specified style will be sent to you + top/bottom must be the same color/brand (roughly $35-40 for a pair when ordering online), shoes specifically for clinicals ($40-150 depending on the style and brand you're going for - research into comfort and longevity because clinical shifts will last 8-12hrs depending on your site placement), and textbooks - FADavis package + Elsivier book (roughly $600-800 - you can rent your textbooks, but because of how many textbooks there are just for the 1st semester you will find it cheaper to buy them outright). You will also be charged for certain on-boarding requirements such as online pre-clinical prep courses (around $15 for all of the courses), general Los Rios fees + nursing program fees (I.e. malpractice insurance + badges = $35-40), and a drug test/livescan (inclusive package roughly $100+). There are also optional supplies that you can purchase for yourself to help better prepare yourself for the course load (I.e. planners, cheatsheet clipboard with lab values, etc). For a conservative estimate expect to be spending around $1000 and up to $1500 if you decide to splurge a little bit on the required supplies. *NOTE - this does not include the cost of the tuition per semester - if you do not receive financial aid, tack on an extra $500 or so for the class itself. Feel free to PM if you have any additional questions!
  2. oatmilk

    SCC ADN Fall 2020

    Forgot to mention this part, but I am choosing to go with SCC despite my chances of getting into ARC, and Merritt because of the reasons I listed above and the fact that the due date for their response form is due on May 1st. This is way before I’d hear back from ARC considering that they have deferred their cohort selection until this fall and Merritt has multiple rounds of selection that you must qualify for before even being considered for their lottery pool. Tl;Dr: Chose SCC because it was one of my #1 picks and I didn’t want to risk waiting around to hear back from other programs.
  3. oatmilk

    SCC ADN Fall 2020

    I applied to a couple of CSU’s in NorCal that didn’t require OChem (SJ, EB, Stan, Fresno) as a pre-req and community colleges up in the Sac area (ARC, SCC, Sierra) and one in the Oakland area (Merritt College). I’ve applied two rounds to CSU’s prior to this time and to ARC once before. I was denied from the CSU’s bc my TEAS was at an 85.3 and I had three B’s in non-science pre-reqs (didn’t know I wanted to go into nursing/came straight out of high school with a bad mentality for education). Last year I was also not chosen from the lottery at ARC. This round I was again denied from the CSU’s and Sierra, except for Stanislaus (waitlisted at 79), and was waiting to hear back from ARC, SCC, and Merritt. Thankfully I got into SCC on my first time applying to its program. It was also one of my top choices considering I took pre-reqs at the campus and am familiar with it/prefer its affordability and close enough proximity to where I live. I currently work as a caregiver in an assisted living/memory care facility and my coworkers ended up choosing the private school route, one got accepted to USF and the other was already a nursing student at Simpson but decided to transfer to West Coast’s program down south. Fortunately they have the financial capability to bare the burden of private school route. Just keep on doing research on private schools, most of my family in the bay area opted to go to Samuel Merritt and have managed to land jobs that allow them to afford to slowly pay off their student loans.

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